Are you one of the 84% of individuals that want to change their job this year?
Do you feel you career is stuck in a rut?

Everyone at some time or another has been thrown a curveball that we need help handling. These curveballs could be a relationship issue, change or loss of a job, severe illness, loss of motivation or focus, or changes in the family or friends.
Upward Mentoring & Coaching can help You!
Take Control.
Upward MC specializes in helping you create goals and a life plan that helps you to live the life YOU want to Live. ​ We will be here from the beginning to the implementing and victory of acheiving your goals to help make your life plan a reality!
Discover Your Greatest Self.
Upward MC uses the DISC Personality Profile and many other personal exercises to help you discover your inner desires and the most effective plan of action to make those desires become reality. ​ Upward MC will help you put your dreams, desires, and visions in writing. Then through empowerment exercises will inspire you to bring those words to living reality in your life!
Stop Talking. Start Living.
We all talk about making changes to our lives and behaviors to improve our lives. However, many of us just talk without taking action on the talk. ​ It's time that you should "stop talking" and "take actions" to "start living" and make "positive changes" to be "more successful" and "START LIVING" the life you want to live. ​
Take Back Your Life
Today is the day for you to make the commitment of "taking action" to take back your life!
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About Us

Upward MC and Terry Burgess wants YOU to be successful and continue moving ever upward. They commit themselves to helping empower YOU to create an individualized plan of action, inspire you to commit to take action, and continue supporting your efforts until you succeed at reaching your goals.

We are experienced in time manangement, goal development, career services, leadership skill and communcation skill development.
Life Coaching and Planning
Individual & Group Life Coaching/Planning

Group Workshops & Seminars

Telecourses & Online Video Conferences
Career Coaching
Individual Career Coaching

Resume Creation/Revision
and Mock Interview Coaching

Soft Skills Training

Career Transition Coaching

Job Loss & Search Coaching
Corporate Services
Group & Indvidual Coaching

Personalized Leadership
and Team Building Seminars

Soft Skills Training Seminars
Our firm is committed to meeting your needs in a personable and private manner. We know what it takes to accomplish the most delicate of tasks in today's environment.

Please book a free 30 minute introduction and evaluation of how we can help you!
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"Terry truely listens to my desires and dreams. He has inspired me to move beyond dreaming and helping me to 'take action' to make my dreams come true."
Mary C. - Paducah, KY

"I have known Terry for over 20 years. I have never met a person who gives more of himself to make you want to do more and succeed in life."
William S. - Louisville, KY

"Terry is one of the most positive and supportive indvidual Ihave met in my life. He always makes time to ensure that I am on my path to success.
Reginald C. - Paris, TN

If you are ready to make a change, Terry is the person who will do everything to help you make it happen! ​
Keith W - Clarksville, TN

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