“A SMARTER” Way to Make Changes in the New Year

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“A SMARTER” Way to Make Changes in the New Year

By: Terry “Coach T” Burgess, Men’s Midlife Coach, Upward MC and Paid Facilitator with The Richway Personal Enrichment Program

2018 is just a few days away.  There are several traditions that many individuals take a part of as a celebration of the dawn of a new year.   Some individuals partake in a meal with cabbage and black-eyed peas, singing Auld Lang Syne, kissing at midnight, watching fireworks at midnight, and some even set resolutions to make changes in their life.

Many of these traditions are layered in beliefs and superstitions of bringing luck in the coming year.  However, it is the last one that I would like to focus on in this blog.   The process of setting a resolution is a way to bring changes to one area of your life.  Often these resolutions do not make it more than a few days or weeks.

I don’t make resolutions at New Years. I make five to seven goals to help me guide my life in the coming year.   These goals are set using the A-SMARTER Goal System that I have created by using a combined goals system of two different systems.  The “A-SMARTER” Goal System has the following steps in the process.  The letters in this goal system stand for the following steps:

A = Accountability Partner – Each goal should have one individual who should hold you accountable to stay true to your efforts to attain the goal.

S = Specific – Your goals should be very specific in the details of the change you want to make in your life.

M = Measurable – Your goal should be measurable and have a definite measurement, so you know if you are on target to meet your goal.

A = Achievable – Your goals should be achievable but challenging for you to make yourself grow.

R = Relevant – Every goal you make should relevant to what you want to have in the ultimate vision of your life.

T = Time-Oriented – Every goal should have a time limit on the time which you would like to attain the goal.

E = Evaluate – You should review your goals daily and evaluate your progress and what the next step you should take to make further progress on your goals in the coming days.

R = Readjust and Reattempt – If you see during the evaluation period of your goals that you may not be making satisfactory progress to achieving your goals make changes in your actions to create the outcome you desire.

Now that I have introduced you to “A SMARTER” way to make changes to your life in your life in 2019, I will show you in an upcoming blog of some ways to use these goals to your benefit.

If you are needing help using the “A-SMARTER” Goal System or discernment on where to go next in your mid-life journey; please feel free to contact me for a complimentary 45 minute Red Hot Coaching Session coaching session.  I can help you develop a simple starting point plan to help you get on the road from your “mid-life crisis” to your “mid-life rediscovery and redesign” for your life.  You can visit http://bit.ly/SchedulewithTerry to schedule your complimentary coaching hour!

 Coach T is a Personal Leadership and Midlife Coach for Men with Upward MC  in Benton, Kentucky and a Paid Facilitator with the Richway Personal Enrichment Program.  He can be contacted via e-mail at Terry@upwardmc.com  or by phone at 270-493-0967. His website can be found at http://www.terrypburgess.com.


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