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All we Need is Love to Change our World

By: Terry Burgess, Founder and Men’s Mid-life Coach, Upward MC

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 will be a date I will never forget in my life.  It is a day that changed my community of Marshall County, Kentucky and the lives of all of us who live here.

The morning started as any normal Tuesday previously.  However, at 7:57 AM my step-daughter was getting ready to start her school day in the library at Marshall County High School.  She and over 1000 of her schoolmates were getting ready to go to their classes for the day and gathering in their commons area and library waiting for the bell to ring to go to class.  However, it was not the bell that rang out, it was the sound of gunfire that these kids heard.

It was only a matter of seconds and several shots that changed these kids life forever.  Many kids ran from the area and out of the school others acted the way they had been taught by their teachers and officials earlier in the year.  When it was all said and done two of my daughter’s classmates were killed and twenty-one others were physically injured or shot.   However, it mentally affected each kid in that school.

My plea to all parents out there in the World is to love your children, be there for your children, and to teach them to love others and themselves always.  God blessed you with the gift of your children.  It pains me to see children whose parents put their own time and agendas before for their child’s needs.  Yes, life is demanding but you as a parent have a responsibility to care for your child, provide for your child, and above all teach your child to love and treat others according to the golden rule given to us in Mathew 7:12 of the Gospel of Jesus.

It only takes a few seconds to say, “I Love You” or “Do you know how much you mean to me?” Take time each week to spend time with your children doing things they like to do.  Maybe taking them to a movie, watching their favorite show, playing a board game as a family, or just going out to eat; these are just a few easy examples on how to show your love to your child.  If you child ever comes and says “Mom/Dad, I need to talk to you” do not hesitate to stop what you are doing and listen to them.  They may not say it. However, they will remember how important they are to you.

There can never be enough love in our World.   Set aside all hate. Seek peace and understanding of others views respectfully.    If you have an issue or disagreement with someone seek and pray for forgiveness and understanding while you are dealing with that individual.

I do not know the motive nor the feelings of the young man who pulled the trigger on that gun last Tuesday morning.  However, I have heard many reports about the number of reports of bullying that have taken place in our schools here locally.  I firmly believe though if we as parents model and teach our children to love more then we can start healing the hurt brought forth by those who want to bully, ridicule, and hurt others in our society.  It begins and starts with in our homes with loving, caring, and sharing of that love with others outside our home.

I know that my step-daughter was raised that way by her mother. I can see it in her actions of making sure how her friends know she cares for them as well as for others.   She may be shy at times. However, she will perform random acts of kindness to help those who feel bullied and left out.  She reminded me of this last week after the shooting when she wanted to help her friends who were having a more difficult time than her deal with the results of situation.

I hope my plea becomes a call to action in your life if you are a parent.  If you are not a parent, I hope it becomes a call of action for you with any individual you deal with in your life.   We all may be different and have different ideals and thoughts, but we can all learn to accept those differences and love each other respectfully.


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Terry is a Personal Leadership and Mid-life Coach for Men with Upward MC in Benton, Kentucky.  He can be contacted via e-mail at  or by phone at 270-493-0967. His website can be found at


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  1. Tricia Prues says:

    It was so disheartening to hear about this, Terry. I’m so sorry your daughter and so many others experienced this.

    I think in addition to love, parents need to have an awareness of mental illness and knowledge of where to get help. I know neither this child’s motives nor his background, but very often with something like this, there is a mental illness of some sort. I want to make it clear, again, that I am NOT assuming this is the case.

    Parents worry about the stigma of a mental health diagnosis. What will it look like for us to get help? How do we get help? How do we talk to our child about this? Where will we get support as we navigate this with our child?

    Awareness of the signs and symptoms is critical. Even more is the awareness of our children SHOWING the signs and symptoms of a mental illness. If we’re not present with our kids, it just might slip by us unnoticed. Or passed off as “No big deal. He/she’s just a teenager. Teens are like that sometimes.”

    Our country is a disaster on so many levels when it comes to mental illness and access to help. I pray that parents educate themselves and love their kiddos like crazy, always being open to whatever their needs may be, without judgment, harsh words, or criticizing.

    Thanks for sharing this, Terry.

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