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Be Prepared!

“Your failure to plan, does not, and will not necessitate an emergency response on my part on your behalf” – Unknown

I have used this common quote several times over my lifetime in many situations. It is a mantra that I have used to ensure that I stay prepared as much as I can in life.  I try to avoid emergency responses for myself and others.  However, there are times when emergencies occur and are unavoidable no matter the amount of precaution and preparation taken by individuals. Each emergency is different and requires different responses that are situation dependent.

With that being said, I want to give 5 steps to help you be prepared to deal with those emergencies when they arise that are able to be applied to any emergency situation.

STEP 1: Take a Quick Assessment of the Facts of the Situation – You need to quickly assess where you are in the situation, what factors you control and those you do not control, what resources that you have access to help with the emergencies.  You also will need to assess how soon and/or will you have before you have to ultimately respond.

STEP 2: Remain Calm and Prepare Your Response – If you have an established operating procedure and/or set of other guidelines to guide your response use these to help you to calmly deal with the initial situation.

STEP 3:  Obtain Necessary Resources (If Necessary) – Your emergency may require additional resources such as knowledge, monetary, physical items, or additional manpower. If this is the case obtain these as efficiently and quickly as possible to help you response to the emergency if possible.

STEP 4: Take Action to Initiate your First Response –  Once you have formulated your best initial response take the actions necessary to initiate your response.

STEP 5: Reassess results of response – Once you have successfully completed your initial response and seen the response reassess the situation go back to step one if necessary until the emergency has been resolved to a manageable state.

I hope that you find this approach helpful in the future as you approach the curveballs and emergencies life presents you.  However, if you need help in developing your responses to life’s emergencies please feel free to contact UpwardMC.  We can help you prepare and be better equipped to deal with life.

T. Patrick


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