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Blocking Time for Productivity

By: Teresa McCloy,  CEO and Creator of the REALIFE Process™

Setting up a calendar for maximum productivity can best be done through using time blocks.  Time Blocking is somewhat the same as setting up a budget for money.  Looking at the calendar and deciding in advance how the time will be spent is similar to planning how to spend an allotted amount of money.  One thing to be aware of with time blocking is to not blocking time just  for work projects but for other things that matter as well. Again, just as the checkbook indicates where our values lie so, also, does how we spend time.

Here are four areas to block out in your calendar each week.

  • Project Blocks are 90–120-minute blocks of time where you’re especially creative, inspired, and able to do high-level work that requires focus on your Projects. Schedule 4-5 of these blocks each week.
  • Prep Blocks are 30–60-minute lower-energy blocks of time where you’re not in the zone to do the work that requires deeper focus, but there are still other types of work you can do effectively. Examples of these would be email management, calendar management, return phone calls, and social media. Schedule 2-3 of these blocks each day.
  • People Blocks are 60-90-minute blocks of time where you’re primed and energetically in the right space to meet with other people. These blocks are both personal and work-related relationships. Schedule 4-5 of these blocks each week.
  • Present blocks are variable-length blocks of time that you use for exercise, meditation, self-care, soul-care and personal growth. Schedule Present Blocks 30-60 minutes-each day and one block a week for 24 hours.

By scheduling these time blocks in advance on the calendar, patterns will begin to emerge. Discovery will come as to what would works best for your model work week that includes all areas of your life.

This month my Guest Blogger for Aoril 2018  is Teresa McCloy.  Teresa is an Organization Coach and Public Speaker. She is a certified 12 Week Year Coach, a certified Enneagram Personality Test Practitioner and 48 Days Eagle.  She is also the CEO and Creator of the REALIFE Process™. You can visit her website at


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