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Do I need a Coach or Mentor?

There was a time in my younger years where I thought why do I need a coach or mentor.  I was too prideful to realize  I needed a coach to help me move my life forward toward success.  This decision caused me to become stagnant in my personal and professional life.  My decision ultimately cost me the loss of my marriage, family, and my job of 15 years. However, I realized too late to prevent those losses.  I was wise enough to use several mentors and coaches to help me rebuild my life after these earthshaking losses.

Why do you need a coach or mentor?

First, we need to address the difference between the two.  They are very similar but there are differences.  A mentor is a person who has more success and experience in an area that you wish to do or accomplish.  He/She is a trusted person who will guide you and knows what you are going through.  A coach on the other hand is someone how helps you determine and reach specific goals with structured educated training with defined timelines.  A coach will discuss your goals, help you develop an action plan, and ultimately hold you accountable for your efforts toward those actions.

Coaches help you get from where you are to where you want to be!

I have discovered and can testify that mentors and coaches are the difference between mediocrity and excellence in my life.  Coaches and mentors help me push myself harder and further than I can by myself.  They also inspire me and hold me accountable.  My best coaches are the ones though that can inspire me and be honest and truthful even when I did not want to hear it.  These individuals have become my personal “board of trustees”; they are my sounding boards when I have new ideas as well as when I get bogged down in life.

I also have discovered that every high performing athlete and professional have given their trust and talents to a coach or mentor.  They have put several hours in educating and training themselves with the advice, inspiration, and guidance of a coach or mentor.  

These coaches and mentors give us advice to inspire us and to urge us to meet our goals and dreams.  Sometimes, this advice is things we don’t like and really don’t want to hear.  Sometimes, it hurts and it is exactly what you need at that time.  It is that relationship that each individuals needs in their lives.  These coaches and mentors also going to be the ones to celebrate with you when you reach your goals and then push you further toward additional success. 

I strongly urge you to consider getting a coach if you want more in your life. If you feel your life is stuck in an endless hamster exercise wheel or you simply want to move toward making a difference in your life; the nominal fees a coach or mentor may charge is well worth the results in the end.

If you are in need of a coach or mentor, contact Terry at Upward MC. He can help you find a coach or mentor to meet the specific needs of your life.

Terry is a America’s Midlife Coach with Upward MC in Benton, Kentucky.  He is also a founding member and Personal Enrichment Coach in Training with The Richway Personal Enrichment Program.  He can be contacted via e-mail at  or by phone at 270-493-0967. His website can be found at


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