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Do You Need an MLM?

By: Theresa Lode,  Life Coach, public speaker and humorist at

My friend went to a network meeting the other night. “I lasted 15 minutes,” she said, laughing.  The event was in reality, a pitch for the latest Multi Level Marketing “opportunity.”

I have an issue with MLMs.  Their sly marketing ploys and misrepresentation of their business model is the reason why most people run when they are being pitched.  (Please don’t send me email about how your company is different!)  Sure, MLMs can work…for a very small amount of people.

There’s another MLM that I think all folks over 40 should all subscribe to.  That is a Midlife Makeover.  This MLM doesn’t require a down line and your friends won’t start avoiding you.   It doesn’t require a monthly minimum purchase and you don’t have to eyeball everyone you meet as a prospect.

The Midlife Makeover MLM is a much better alternative to a MLC – Midlife Crisis. We joke about the dude who buys a hot sports car, gets a hair transplant and discovers a cutie half his age.  Sounds like a lot of fun if one doesn’t consider the wake of damage this sort of behavior usually unleashes.

What’s even more damaging though is what’s going on underneath the hood, so to speak.  Midlife is a time where we know on an intuitive level that our days on this earth are growing shorter.

Midlife is a time to revisit the genuine desires in your heart – the gifting and authenticity that you have suppressed for fear of being rejected or misunderstood.  Midlife is also an opportunity to clean the slate – to forgive the injustices of this life and to forgive that life has very likely not turned out they way you had wanted.  It’s an opportunity to forgive yourself for your own shortcomings and missteps.

This is a common thing for folks as they age but I believe it can be even more challenging for men since they are trained from a young age to keep a stiff upper lip when it comes to emotions.  What a tragedy!

But what an opportunity.  A Midlife Makeover allows you to reexamine the whole enchilada, heck, even pitch the enchilada if you want.  (I’ll take a taco combo plate, please.)

Do the career change!  You’re too old only if you believe you are.  Quit obligations that suck your soul dry and discovery a new hobby.  Start dating your spouse again (don’t forget the flowers.)

You are not the same person you were in your 20s.  Experience has changed you – for the better or for the worse.  Midlife provides the opportunity to revisit some of your earlier dreams and visions.  And the glorious thing, now you have the experience to actually pull it off!   Midlife Makeover or Midlife Crisis?  The choice is yours.


Theresa Lode is “The Zany Sage.”  She’s a Certified Life Coach, public speaker and humorist.  She loves helping people create a new life – without having to go into witness protection.   You may out more about her at:


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