Escaping in Life’s Hamster Wheel: 3 Tips to overcome the negativity of being stuck.

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Escaping in Life’s Hamster Wheel: 3 Tips to overcome the negativity of being stuck.

Every person that I know or have talked to has had a period in their life when they feel like their life is at a standstill.  They feel they just go through the same motions and routines day in and day out.  This is normal if its only for a few days or a week or two.  However, if it last longer than that you may need help to change the situation so that you can live a more rewarding life.

Being stuck for extended periods of time can have harmful and negative effects on all areas of your life.   The negative effects of being stuck will cause issues in relationships, work, health, financial, and spiritual areas of your life.

I want to give to you some help to get out of the hamster wheel or the swamp of life if you are stuck in a monotonous lifestyle in your life. Therefore, here are my 4 suggestions to help you.

  1. Quit focusing on your past

Often, we get stuck because we focus on the past mistakes or events in our lives.  We want to live in our comfort zone where we feel safe and protected from our past failures and become content with where we are in life.

  1. Ask yourself these 3 questions:
  • What is my true inner calling in life and am I living that life?
  • What areas of my life am I ignoring right now because of the lifestyle I am living?
  • What will my life be like if I make changes to improve those areas?

Seriously take time to consider and evaluate every area of your life.  Write down you first thoughts to the answer of the questions. Think and visualize your life and how it can be more successful and balanced if you worked on those areas and gave up some of the “lifestyle rituals” you have created that have you stuck where you are.

  1. Make changes and take risks

Now that you have answered these two questions, brainstorm ways that you can change your life.  Think out of the box and write down every way that comes to mind regardless of its merit.  Then think about which ones will help you the most to break the rut you are stuck in your life.  Don’t choose the easiest ones because they are in your comfort zone.  Push your boundaries and take risks, they will give you greater reward and will help your self-esteem and success in the long run.

If you have tried this and you are still finding yourself going back to the same “lifestyle rituals” I strongly urge you to consider getting a coach. If you feel your life is continually stuck in an endless hamster exercise wheel or you simply want to move toward making a difference in your life; the nominal fees a coach or mentor may charge is well worth the results in the end.  They will also help you with assessing your life and holding you accountable for making positive changes to your life to help you succeed.

If you need a coach or mentor, contact Terry at Upward MC. He can help you find a coach or mentor to meet the specific needs of your life.

Terry is a Career and Executive Leadership, Life Coach with Upward MC in Benton, Kentucky.  He can be contacted via e-mail at  or by phone at 270-493-0967. His website can be found at


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