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Expectations vs. Reality: I Want Clarity Right NOW!

By: Rhonda Peterson, Executive Coach and Masterpiece Work Catalyst

Recently, I’ve been asking leaders this question: What held you back from moving more into your Masterpiece Work? Their answers most often related to the desire to KNOW what was going to happen and exactly where they were going before they made the leap from their Zone of Competence or Zone of Excellence into their Masterpiece Work.

The Right Place

In reflecting on this desire for clarity, I remembered this experience. While in the midst of a struggle, my Spiritual Director recommended that I study the story of the Israelites crossing the Red Sea. I knew the story was probably in Exodus somewhere, but not exactly where. So, I opened my Bible and came to the story of the Israelites crossing the Jordan River into the Promised Land. I specifically remember thinking, “They’re crossing a body of water, so I’ll just study them crossing the Jordan.” Oh, foolish me!

I needed to be at the Red Sea, standing with Moses and the Israelites, the sea in front of them, tasting freedom, but knowing the Egyptian army was breathing down their necks. So, I found the right passage in Exodus 14.

This was the passage that really spoke to my situation. I spent months mining that passage, learning, journaling, listening and growing.

Don’t Shortcut the Process

I gained a great deal of clarity through this experience. That clarity came because I started at the beginning of the process. I didn’t try to shortcut the process by skipping ahead to the end but started the process from the beginning.

I wanted a quick lesson and a straight line from struggle to new perspective, but that’s not how it works. While it’s good to begin with the end in mind, it’s also important to start where you are and allow the process to unfold. Skipping steps at the beginning so you can more quickly get to the end is counterproductive.

The Clarity Spiral

Will Mancini teaches a concept called the Clarity Spiral. We want a straight line from point A to Point B. But that’s not reality. We gain clarity as a process, moving slowly at first, then gaining momentum over time as we move ever closer to the clarity we seek.

Each point on the spiral is a new insight or learning. The distance we travel in the clarity process gets shorter as we move into more and more clarity. Through Reflection, we gain insight. In Rediscovery, the goal becomes more and more focused. We arrive at the goal of clarity at the central point, but not without trail and error, as well as patience as things unfold.

Just as with a labyrinth, once we reach the central point of clarity, we return to the world through our next steps.

In the Masterpiece Work process, gaining clarity is identifying where you need to make the biggest impact. In this process, you discover your true identity. With this knowledge, you Reframe your life in light of your identity. As you return to your life, you reframe, making new decisions in light of the clarity you now possess.

You determine the place, the people, the challenge where you will make the most impact in this season of your life.  Your new-found clarity allows you to define the place where you can make the biggest impact.

Recalibrate is the next step outward in the journey. As you recalibrate, you align your life to the destination you set as you reframed your life. Changes made here set your path to reach your personal Promised Land, the work God envisioned for you in this season.

As you move further out in the Clarity Spiral – moving back into the open space, you move into your Masterpiece Work, the place where you make the biggest impact. This is your Promised Land.

The Israelites had to cross over the Jordan to reach the Promised Land, then work hard to possess it. Your work is not done, but you Rejoice in the work, the challenge, the opportunity to make an impact in your Masterpiece Work.

This is the Masterpiece Work process. It provides clarity through process, community and connection.



Rhonda Peterson, ACC is an Executive Coach and Masterpiece Catalyst.  

My career journey has taken me to amazing places with extraordinary people. Ultimately, that path has led me to my Masterpiece Work: Serving marketplace leaders and entrepreneurs as they Activate their Masterpiece Work™ through mastermind groups, strategy sessions, and individual coaching programs. 

  • I know what it’s like to feel stuck.
  • I can relate to feeling unheard.
  • I’ve come out the other side and you can, too.

YOUR Masterpiece Work is waiting!

You can find me at rhondapeterson.com, or connect at linkedin.com/in/rhondapetersoncoach.


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