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Personal Emergency Fund: A Way to Help Cope with Life’s Emergencies

By: Terry Burgess, Midlife Coach for Men You never know when life is going to hit you with a curveball.  It could be a major appliance needing repair or replacement, your car needs transmission work, or you are faced with a layoff or loss of your job.  What effect would that have on your budget if you are living from paycheck to paycheck just to pay all the bills.  I have a solution to help you prepare for these emergencies before they happen. Every individual or family should have a personal emergency fund to help with these situations. What is a Personal Emergency Fund? So, what is a personal emergency fund?  It is a separate savings of money which is easily accessible for use in an emergency.  It is best if this fund is kept in checking account or money marketing account with access via debit card or check-writing privileges. How much should I have in my Personal Emergency Fund? Financial guru, Dave Ramsey, recommends that a personal emergency fund should have at least three (3) to six (6) months of expenses if you are able to put aside this much.   However, if you are unable to do this at the start of this fund you should start with at least $1000.00 aside; then continually […]

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25 Tips to Reduce or Eliminate Stress Totally from Your Life

By: Terry Burgess, Midlife Coach for Men This blog entry is a follow-up to an entry I posted on July 5th of this year.   You may go back an read it at this link: Today, however, I want to give you 25 different ways you can reduce and eliminate stress from your life.  You do not have to implement them all. However, pick as many as you like (up to five), add them your daily routine until you have mastered them to reduce your stress.  Then repeat the process with another set of five until you are comfortable with your stress level. Here is the list. Start your 15-30 minutes morning earlier. Any mishaps in the morning will be less stressful and likely to occur if you have spare time to deal with them. Prepare what you the night before. Help make your morning less stressful by preparing your coffee pot, making lunches, setting out clothing for yourself, and having your children prepare their bags for school. Write it down, don’t rely on your memory. Write down addresses, directions and phone numbers. Use your mobile device or an ole fashion planner or notebook. Say “no” more often. It’s amazing how much stress can be eliminated by giving up unrewarding […]

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The Light at the End of the Tunnel

I thank God regularly for giving me the gift of discernment and being able to sense coming events.  When I was a young unmatured man, I sometimes hated this gift because I could foretell events like the death of my uncle and knowing the fact my best friend had been seriously injured in a car accident without even being there physically.  It was this same gift that during the period of November 29 through December 4 of 2015, I am very thankful for God granting me this gift.  Here is the story of why I was thankful. Sunday, November 29, 2015 My cellphone rang early on the evening of Sunday, November 29, 2015. I looked at the caller id and it read the name of the nursing home my mother was staying in at that time.   I answered the phone, it was my mother’s nurse, she called to let me know that my mother had fallen.  She assured me that my mother was ok. The nurse went on to say they have told her to not attempt to go to the bathroom by herself because of her strength.  I had to chuckle at the nurse thinking she was going to tell my mother not to do something.  My mother is […]

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Forty, Fired, and Warning Midlife Disaster Ahead – Part 2

By: Terry Burgess, Midlife Coach for Men God tells us to trust in him and his plan. I believed in this and kept reminding myself of this as it appeared my life was going nowhere but down.   My mother-in-law’s stroke resulted in my wife taking my stepson and moving to a town 45 minutes away.  I was told there was no room for me in their house. My two jobs were in the town I had lived in for the past 16 years; therefore, I stayed behind. Little did I know at that time what that one event was going to trigger in my life.  I saw it as an ending but God saw it as a way out and a start of a new beginning.  I ended up moving into the house of the fraternity I advised at age 42 and began to make a revised plan to continue to survive. The first issue was transportation since my wife took our only vehicle with her.  I was fortunate that my mother bought me a bike. I also could get rides to my full-time job for free because it was a perk since I was employed part-time by the transit authority.  This was during the summer and there were only […]

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Forty, Fired, and Warning Midlife Disaster Ahead – Part 1

By: Terry Burgess, Midlife Coach for Men Eight years ago, I was determined not to get down on life because I was turning the big 40.  However, as discovered life had other plans to test me and see how much character I had left in me at that time.  In my last blog post I shared with you my experience of being fired from my job due to a temporary lapse of judgement of my character at time.  I now had to face the fact that I was needing to rebound and continue to be a productive member of my family and community. When I was notified employment termination in December of 2010 there were three big stressors in my life that those who were extremely close to me may or may not have known.   They knew that I had lost my job, some knew that I was in a very stressful and unhealthy marriage, however many did not know about the third stressor which I was holding very close to me.  The third stressor was that my mother had told me in 2009 that she was given 3 to 5 years to live because of kidney failure due to complications with diabetes.  This was hard for me because I […]

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You’re Fired: Now What?

By: Terry Burgess, Career and Personal Leadership Coach “You’re Fired.” These two little words are powerful words that invoke a lot of different reactions and emotions for any individual who has heard them before.  There are a limited number of people who have never heard these words in their life.  If you are one of those individuals consider yourself fortunate. I myself however, am not one of those unfortunate individuals.  I heard those two dreaded words for the only time in my life when I was forty years old on December 2, 2009.  It was on that day that I was notified that I was being let go from a job that I truly loved and held for 15 years.  I could not blame my supervisor nor the administration of the university I worked at for their decision.  However, when I heard those words I took them like an adult accepted my fate with dignity and a bit of shock. I left the room in the Human Resources Department that afternoon keeping my emotions and mind presentable for public while walking to my car.  I turned the key and left campus knowing that I had one month left in my job. I found that as I was driving toward my […]

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Three Key Tips to Help You Get the Interview and Job You Want

By: Terry Burgess, Career and Personal Leadership Coach The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that at the end of May 2017 there were nearly 5.7 million job openings in the United States.  Many experts say that nearly 30% of all new jobs created are never advertise.  Statistics found widely across the internet suggest 70 to 80% of the 5.7 million job openings in the United States go unadvertised. Therefore, it is no wonder why so many people in today’s job search world are finding difficulty in obtaining work. Many people conducting job searches say I have searched online, submitted applications/resumes with little to no success of gaining an interview much less a job. I can understand their frustration. However, I have found through personal research and online research the one factor that is leading to these unsuccessful job search attempts.  This one factor is NETWORKING. Today’s new internet driven job search machine has created a society which has forgotten that networking and relationships are the key to success in the job search process and career advancement realm. Furthermore, there are increased number of individuals who are below the age 25, who mistake internet networking via social networking platforms just as important or more important than “old fashioned” face to face […]

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Microchips are for pets, not employees

By: Terry Burgess, Career and Personal Leadership Coach, Upward MC I was reading my daily news feed and found the story about the Wisconsin technology company, Three Square Market, who is wanting to offer microchips to their employees.  The company says they have 50 employees who are wanting to be microchipped to make their life easier.  This brought up a very difficult ethical and moral dilemma in my mind. These small micro transmitters using radio-frequency identification are the size of a grain of rice and could be put into their hand in a few second.  Once installed the employee could use these chips to scan into the building, their computer, and even buy items in the break room.  I wonder how many of these employees have thought about the long-term effects of being micro-chipped. My first thought was this could be helpful for the individual loses or forgets their identification badge.  However, my mind quickly ran to other negative results.   Here are my 4 reasons I would have against being microchipped by my employer. What are the odds that I am going to be with this company until I retire? In today’s world, the average worker remains at one company less than 5 years. Once you leave that company that […]

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Stress – Everyone has it. However, You Can Conquer It Before It Conquers You!

Stress… The mere thought of the word makes some individuals tense up. Stress is the body’s response to change. Everyone has stress in their lives, some more than others. However, it is how you deal with stress which makes the difference in how your attitude towards life is ultimately affected by the stress. I want to give to you some help deal with the many stressful situations that are in your life. Therefore, here are my 4 suggestions to help you begin to deal with the stress in your life. 1. Admit You Have Stress in Your Life Stress can manifest itself in many different forms depending upon its root cause. Some stressful situations can be very minor, temporary, and relatively harmless such as walking through a haunted house, riding a roller coaster, or zip lining across a valley or down a mountain. There are also life situations which are more moderately serious such as dealing with a severe illness, a new relationship or marriage, a divorce, a financial setback, or an accident. Finally, the extreme stress level is reached when dealing with traumatic incidents such as exposure to violence, traumatic accident or death of a loved one. 2. Assess the stress level in your life  First off, not all […]

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Daily Reading Can Lead You to Riches and Success

Tom Corley, the author of “Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals” finds that “rich people” those with an annual income of $150,000 are more like to read for self-improvement then for entertainment. He gives us the following statistics to prove his point. 11% of rich people read for entertainment, versus 79% of poor individuals. 85% of rich people read 2 or more educational, self-improvement books per month, whereas only 15% of poor read the same amount. 94% of rich people read news publications (newspapers, blog, and magazines) compared to 11% of poor individuals. These statistics show that rich people are dedicated and voracious readers who are focused on success and daily improvement.  They are more likely to be individuals who gained their knowledge and education through the school of hard knocks and by self-education. I can attest that reading either by picking up a physical book, e-book, or listening to an audiobook will help create waves of success in your mind which will transition to your life.   You only get out of your life, what you put into your life and mind.   Therefore, it is critical to fill you mind with positive and nurturing content on a regular basis. I want to share with you 3 books […]

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