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The Many Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe: Let’s Stay Out of The Emergency Room

By: Faye Ruch at Dog Life Made Better, Helping Dogs Have Better Owners I recently came up with a list of 61 ways to keep your dog safe and the list is growing. Wow – that’s a lot. A lot to think about, a lot of responsibility, a lot to do. Safety is a top priority of mine – my husband even calls me ‘Safety Faye’. And I want to help you learn how to keep your dog safe too. Doggie Proof the Inside of Your Home It is astounding the number of things dogs can get into and their level of curiosity. Or is it out of boredom? Whatever the reason, dogs surely can get in a lot of trouble around the house, so we need to doggie-proof, just like we would childproof our home. Here are some ways to get you started: Lockbox all of your medications. I know it can be a pain, but it’s more painful having to get your dog detoxed and hoping for survival.Lockbox all of your dog’s medications. They make many medications flavored so you don’t want your dog to go sniffing for those. Keep ALL of your trashcans inside cabinets. Dogs are smart and can easily figure out to remove lids from trash cans. Discard all trash, […]

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Personal Emergency Fund: A Way to Help Cope with Life’s Emergencies

By: Terry Burgess, Midlife Coach for Men You never know when life is going to hit you with a curveball.  It could be a major appliance needing repair or replacement, your car needs transmission work, or you are faced with a layoff or loss of your job.  What effect would that have on your budget if you are living from paycheck to paycheck just to pay all the bills.  I have a solution to help you prepare for these emergencies before they happen. Every individual or family should have a personal emergency fund to help with these situations. What is a Personal Emergency Fund? So, what is a personal emergency fund?  It is a separate savings of money which is easily accessible for use in an emergency.  It is best if this fund is kept in checking account or money marketing account with access via debit card or check-writing privileges. How much should I have in my Personal Emergency Fund? Financial guru, Dave Ramsey, recommends that a personal emergency fund should have at least three (3) to six (6) months of expenses if you are able to put aside this much.   However, if you are unable to do this at the start of this fund you should start with at least $1000.00 aside; then continually […]

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Where In The Bedroom Is The Best Spot For Your Dog To Sleep? Should That Be On Your Bed Or Their Own?

By: Faye Ruch at Dog Life Made Better, Helping Dogs Have Better Owners If you read my previous post titled ‘5 Great Reasons Your dog Should Sleep With You: Gaining Comfort, Strengthening the Bond, and Feeling Safer While You Sleep‘, you’ll know I’m in favor of them being in the bedroom with you. The next decision to make is whether your dog should sleep on the bed with you and on his own bed beside yours. Here are some questions to ask yourself to help make the decision: Will Your Dog Grow More?This is important to consider because dogs love a routine. If you’ve established a pattern to let him sleep in your bed with you when he’s small, he’ll want to do so when he’s full grown too.Your 12-pound puppy may grow to be 80 pounds. Think about him trying to squeeze in between the headboard and your head or lay at your feet, so you’ll have no leg room when he’s full grown. This may cause your quality of sleep to decrease. So maybe you’ll go out and get a bigger bed – expensive. And dogs love to pack meaning they will still want to lay up against you, no matter the size of the bed. And it may be more confusing to your dog if […]

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HOW TO: Use your Mission Statement Every Day for Success

Every successful business has an effective and creative comprehensive mission statement.  If the mission statement is one that each employee, manager, and owner can identify with it can empower them with the ability to make decisions in their role without much thought. Two previous blogs (10/26/2017 and 11/1/2017) have discussed the importance of having a personal mission statement and why we need to have one in our lives.  My other blog took you through a simple but thorough process to create your own personal mission statement.   It is my hope you have completed your mission statement and have started to apply it in your everyday life. Well now that you have your personal mission statement we need to make sure we keep in our mind everyday as we go forward.   You will want to ensure when you are faced with a question or situation you use your mission statement to help guide you to the best response, so you can achieve the success you desire. The first thing I did with my mission statement is print it out in large print on a sheet of paper and hang it above my computer/desk so that I see it every day.   This ensures I never forget it while I am doing my […]

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5 Great Reasons Your Dog Should Sleep With You Gaining Comfort, Strengthening the Bond, and Feeling Safer While You Sleep

By: Faye Ruch at Dog Life Made Better, Helping Dogs Have Better Owners “When considering if your dog should ‘sleep with you’, first means to sleep in the same room as you. Then the next decision will be whether your dog should sleep on the bed with you and on his own bed beside yours. It seems to be a big debate on whether dogs should sleep with their owners or not. Read on for what I believe to be the benefits of letting your dog sleep in your bedroom with you. It is Comforting For Both Your Dog and YouYour dog and you receive comfort from each other. Your dog loves you and looks to you for guidance. Allowing your dog to sleep with you creates a comforting routine so he does not feel scared, alone, or insecure. And studies have shown many physical and mental health advantages to owning a dog. Sleeping together increases the amount of time spent with your dog, potentially increasingthose benefits [1]. Dogs may help lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels, andimprove feelings of loneliness [2]. Allowing your dog into your bedroom provides a calm, soothing presence that provides you with many benefits. You could call it ‘Sleep Therapy’ [3].It Strengthens Your Bond with Your DogJust being together in the same room […]

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HOW TO: Creating an Empowering Personal Mission Statement

By: Terry Burgess, Owner and Career/Executive Leadership Coach, Upward MC Every successful business has an effective and creative comprehensive mission statement.  If the mission statement is one that each employee, manager, and owner can identify with it can empower them with the ability to make decisions in their role without much thought. So, at the end of my last blog entry on why you need a personal mission statement I asked this question: If a company’s overall success can be tied back to a high-quality mission statement so would it not make sense the use a high-quality personal mission statement can help you in your own life? It is my hope that you agreed and said you need one to help you go through life.  A personal mission statement can be considered a personal code of conduct in how you carry yourself in life and business. Below is my personal mission statement it has changed over the 48 years I have been on this Earth due to my experiences. I give it to you as an example. Terry’s Personal Mission Statement I help empower & support midlife men facing challenges in seeking the success they desire; but are afraid to do it alone or ask for help. You now have […]

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Words Mean Things

By: Rhonda Peterson, Executive Coach and Masterpiece Work Catalyst “Words mean things.” This quote from my pastor/supervisor/partner in starting the equipping ministry in our church often rings in my ears.    As I’ve coached leaders seeking the meaning and purpose of their masterpiece work, words may be barriers to their progress. The expectations and connotations attached to certain words are icebergs waiting to sink them in their quest for the work they sense they were created to do in this season.    Let’s explore a few of the words that have derailed these leaders. As you read, remember the words that sink others may not be the same as the words that sink you. You may have a different word that has expectations and connotations attached to it.  Humility  I often see struggles with this word. Some of my clients see humility as the opposite of arrogance. They equate humility with hiding their strengths and waiting to be chosen, expecting others to notice what you can do and then invite you to contribute. In many Christian circles – especially for women – humility as a virtue means being quiet and waiting to be noticed. That can lead to much disappointment, as well as wasting the gifts you’ve been given.    Dr. Art Haimerl, pastor, leader and addiction expert, defines humility as “quiet awareness of self”. You know what you can do and you go about […]

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Personal Mission Statements: Why Do You Need One?

By: Terry Burgess, Founder and Men’s Midlife Coach, Upward MC Every business has a mission statement.  Each mission statement has taken a great deal of thought and time to craft to ensure it meets the overall mission of the business.   These statements help the organization to maintain focus and to stay in alignment with the values they want to exhibit and how they want to impact the world they serve. You can tell a great deal about the success of the business by looking at their mission statement and their level of success. The use of a high-quality mission statement can not only tell you the businesses commitment to their values, purposes, and passions; it can also attract customers who share those same qualities. Some mission statements are created and never referred to again by the members of the business or organization again.   Often these businesses are the ones struggling to survive the highly competitive world of business.   Conversely, those businesses which have taken due diligence and time to craft a high-quality mission statement are usually the most successful businesses. A high-quality mission statement is one which every member of a business or organization can use to help guide their decisions in every action they perform or make in their […]

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Expectations vs. Reality: I Want Clarity Right NOW!

By: Rhonda Peterson, Executive Coach and Masterpiece Work Catalyst Recently, I’ve been asking leaders this question: What held you back from moving more into your Masterpiece Work? Their answers most often related to the desire to KNOW what was going to happen and exactly where they were going before they made the leap from their Zone of Competence or Zone of Excellence into their Masterpiece Work. The Right Place In reflecting on this desire for clarity, I remembered this experience. While in the midst of a struggle, my Spiritual Director recommended that I study the story of the Israelites crossing the Red Sea. I knew the story was probably in Exodus somewhere, but not exactly where. So, I opened my Bible and came to the story of the Israelites crossing the Jordan River into the Promised Land. I specifically remember thinking, “They’re crossing a body of water, so I’ll just study them crossing the Jordan.” Oh, foolish me! I needed to be at the Red Sea, standing with Moses and the Israelites, the sea in front of them, tasting freedom, but knowing the Egyptian army was breathing down their necks. So, I found the right passage in Exodus 14. This was the passage that really spoke to my situation. I […]

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Even Adults Need to Plan “Play” Time

Written By: Terry “Coach T” Burgess, America’s Midlife Coach for Men Each of us has many stressors in our lives.  However, we delay the process of relieving the stress in our lives.   This is because we forgot over time how we dealt with stress.   We can learn a lot by watching how our children or other younger individuals handle their lives.  They put their responsibilities aside and play first then deal with responsibility. Take a minute to return to your childhood or you’re the days as a teenager or college years.  We were invincible and carefree most of our younger days because we would have “playtime” or “fun periods”.   It may have been going out and playing in the park, playing sports, going to the mall with friends, or just hanging out a local restaurant. I highly encourage you to schedule a little play in your life today or sometime soon.  I have learned over the past 4 years to do this weekly.  I try to spend some family play time at least once a week through a game or movie night.  I also have some “me time” where I may just read sitting by Kentucky Lake or spending time watching young kids play sports at the local park. Find […]

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