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Resume Resolutions and Revisions for 2019

The new year has already started and many of us sat new resolutions or goals.  Some have maintained progress toward achieving those resolutions/goals.  Others, have fallen off and failed at keeping those resolutions/goals. However, I would like to propose that each of you take up a new resolution right now which could lead to a huge difference in your career and paycheck bottom line in the upcoming year.  This simple new resolution is one every person can benefit from in one way or another and involves your resume. Yes, your resume, the one document which you use to sell yourself to future employers for a job.  If you have a resume already, this resume can take less than an hour to accomplish. Here is the resolution each of us should undertake each new year:  I will update, revise, and modify my resume to ensure it highlights all my strengths and skills in a clear and concise manner. You will find that if you update your resume it will build self-confidence as you see what your accomplishments are over the past year while keeping them fresh on your mind.  Updating your resume will also motivate you and help you focus on the big picture of what you want in your life.  […]

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What’s Your Money Mindset?

By Chris Niemeyer, Entrepreneur & Co-Founder, Money. The very word and topic stirs up something inside you.  Is it good, bad or indifferent?  Money (and possessions) are the second most mentioned topic in the Bible.  Jesus refers to money more often than any other topic. 16 of 38 parables had to do with money and possessions.  It must be an important topic! What’s your mindset when it comes to money?  Were you raised with little or much? How has that shaped your way of handling the resources you’ve been given?  Money can be a controversial topic in many religious circles.  Is it bad to have money?  Should we keep just enough to live on then give the rest away?  How much luxury is too much?  Is the root of all evil money or is the love of money the root of all evil?  Clearly the Bible talks a lot about the needs of the poor and helping them too.     As men, generally, we are geared to be providers and sustain ourselves and our household.  As Zig Ziglar states, “Money isn’t the most important thing in life, but it’s reasonably close to oxygen on the ‘gotta have it’ scale.” We must agree: money is necessary in our culture.    […]

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The #1 Thing You Must Have to Gain Success

By: Terry Burgess, Founder and Men’s Mid-life Coach, Upward MC Many of you who are reading this blog either made new resolutions for this new year of 2018.   Everyone whom partakes in this ritual wants to make positive changes in one or more areas of their life.  They enter the year with a great deal enthusiasm and intention to keep their resolution without missing a day of achievement.   Personally, I do not make resolutions any longer in my life. I started using goals to gain success in the different areas of my life. There is a lot of truth in the statement made in the newest Allstate commercial which states, “Resolutions are made to be broken.”   A resolution is just a simple statement such as “I will drink more water this year” or “I will quit smoking” and finally “I will lose weight this year”.  These resolutions are all very good things to strive for and accomplish in a person’s life. However, over the years of failed resolutions and talking with others I have found to make true success happen in your life you have to have two things.  The first of these is to use a goal system with specific action points to reach those goals.   My system of […]

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The myth of work-life balance

Written By: Kyle Crooke – personal development consultant & motivation coach at Work-life balance doesn’t exist. Never has, never will. It’s a term that people use when they want to better manage their profession and their personal life. If that’s your prerogative, in which you totally differentiate and separate your work life and your personal life … by all means, take that prerogative. But don’t make excuses for when you’re passed up for promotion, or when one of your personal relationships starts to dwindle. I’m not advocating you work all the time.  I’m not advocating you play all the time. I’m simply advocating that you prioritize all the time. You have one life.  Your life is what provides you with your time on this earth. With your time, you can pursue anything you want.  Whether it’s a vocation, an avocation, or relationships. The concept of work-life balance attempts to separate your work from your play.  As if your life is disjointed. At their core, your work and your play are subparts ofyour life.  When you take ownership of your life, you take ownership of both your work and your play. Instead of separating your work and your play, as the myth of work-life balance would have you to believe, I […]

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“A SMARTER” Way to Make Changes in the New Year

By: Terry “Coach T” Burgess, Men’s Midlife Coach, Upward MC and Paid Facilitator with The Richway Personal Enrichment Program 2018 is just a few days away.  There are several traditions that many individuals take a part of as a celebration of the dawn of a new year.   Some individuals partake in a meal with cabbage and black-eyed peas, singing Auld Lang Syne, kissing at midnight, watching fireworks at midnight, and some even set resolutions to make changes in their life. Many of these traditions are layered in beliefs and superstitions of bringing luck in the coming year.  However, it is the last one that I would like to focus on in this blog.   The process of setting a resolution is a way to bring changes to one area of your life.  Often these resolutions do not make it more than a few days or weeks. I don’t make resolutions at New Years. I make five to seven goals to help me guide my life in the coming year.   These goals are set using the A-SMARTER Goal System that I have created by using a combined goals system of two different systems.  The “A-SMARTER” Goal System has the following steps in the process.  The letters in this goal system stand for […]

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DO put your cart before the horse

Written By: Kyle Crooke – personal development consultant & motivation coach at That right. Don’t hold your horses. And don’t not put your cart before the horse. If you want the bottom line up front, the message of this article is simple: avoid paralysis by analysis! If you want to understand its relevance to today’s workplace and social environment, bear with me for 90 more seconds. Gary Vaynerchuk recently emphasized the importance of content creation over content deliberation. Mark Ford conveyed the notion of “ready, fire, aim.” Kyle Crooke (that’s me) recently read an analogy in which a person can only seebeyond his physical horizon when he steps forward and alters his field ofvision. What do all of these statements have in common? They all reiterate the importance of taking action to jumpstart one’s journey, whether vocational, avocational, or personal. The greatest idea, intention, orinclination holds zero impact on the world at large, or on another person atsmall, without action. Remember that concept from physics? Objects in motion stay in that state ofmotion, unless acted upon by an external force. Your ideas, intentions, andinclinations will remain intangible and inapplicable until the force of decisive, committed action overtakesyou. Lucky for you, this force of decisive, committed action is not an external […]

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How to differentiate between what’s important … and what isn’t

Written By: Kyle Crooke – personal development consultant & motivation coach at Most of the overwhelm that we feel at work, at home, and in our relationships derives from one issue: information overload. Whether in the form of raw data, written reports, or verbal dialogue, both the creation and compounding of information outpace our ability to absorb and sift through it. Often times, the information itself is far less overwhelming than the decision-making required to identify what to keep and what to throw out. Think about the last time you had to make a tough decision at your job or with your family.  Did you consider alternative options and strategies?  Did you consult with various stakeholders, whether they be colleagues or siblings?  Did you wonder about the input you’re missing, and how you must make a decision with imperfect information? I’m sure that, for most of you, you answered yes to these questions. With so many options, people, and information asymmetries, it’s far too common to face decision overwhelm that results from information overwhelm. And yes, you read the last question correctly – even with our current information overload, we STILL can’t fully appreciate how much other information we’re missing out on.  You don’t know what you don’t know, right? […]

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Random Acts to Make your Holiday Season Brighter

By: Terry “Coach T” Burgess, Men’s Midlife Coach, Upward MC and Paid Facilitator with The Richway Personal Enrichment Program The holidays are always a very busy time for everyone.  It is also a very stressful time for some individuals.   This stress comes from many sources including going to multiple holiday parties, making sure you have your entire gift list purchased, dealing with crowded stores and parking lot, and wrapping up the end of the year. However, sometimes we let the stress get to us.  I have found that serving others and doing good deeds for others. Some of these deeds/actions are simple random acts of kindness. You will find that as you do a few of these it will help you with the stress and make you feel much better about yourself while making the holidays just a little brighter for someone else. I would love to challenge you to look at the list below and complete at least 5 to 10 of these “random acts of kindness” or one of your own makings over the next 14 days until Christmas. Here are 30 simple random acts of kindness that are low cost and/or simple to do to help others. Write a letter to a soldier who is serving our […]

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What to do when your current work doesn’t feel meaningful?

Written By: Kyle Crooke – personal development consultant & motivation coach at Recently I was asked, “What do you recommend for somebody who doesn’t feel any meaning/purpose in their current work, though?” This question is tough.  And relevant.  And significant. Unfortunately, most people don’t feel fully engaged in their work, which indicates that their work lacks the meaning or purpose they seek. If work were holistically meaningful or purposeful to this majority of people,they would better engage their work because they would better identify withtheir work.  When work becomes a meaningful part of one’s identity, one’s approachto work transforms from minimal acceptance to overwhelming ownership.  This ownership allows anyone to activelyelevate their work and transform it into their calling. So, for those of you who may not find meaning or purpose in your current work … I’ve got a great answer for you.  And, more importantly, it’s true.  And, most importantly, the advice is entirely actionable and controllable.  You can implement this advice IMMEDIATELY to approach your work differently.  And to view your life’s journey differently. Here it is: To those of you who don’t find meaning in your work – I’d recommend reframing your current work as a stepping stone toward claiming your desired, more meaningful work. We can […]

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Do You Know Who You’re Talking To?

I recently spoke to a group of business owners in the creative services industry. We spent some time talking about how to handle difficult conversations over creative differences with clients. The big question: “how do you communicate in a way that influences others to see things your way?” I spent more than 15 years in the marketing/communications fieldand one thing I learned in all of those years is that all of life is marketing/communications. Let me explain what I mean. Marketing is about identifying a target audience, studying those individuals and learning their behaviors and motivations. When you understand what drives their decisions, you can thencraft a message and communicate that message in a way that influences them totake an action. That’s the same formula for many things in life that we want to achieve. Because more often than not, our goals and desired outcomes involve other people and influencing others to see things our way. Just how do we effectively handle conversations with others when we have differences of opinion? And how can we elevate our level of influence in those conversations? In a word – how can we speak to be understood? Whether you want to ask for a raise, get your team to improve performance, turn a […]

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