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Microchips are for pets, not employees

By: Terry Burgess, Career and Personal Leadership Coach, Upward MC I was reading my daily news feed and found the story about the Wisconsin technology company, Three Square Market, who is wanting to offer microchips to their employees.  The company says they have 50 employees who are wanting to be microchipped to make their life easier.  This brought up a very difficult ethical and moral dilemma in my mind. These small micro transmitters using radio-frequency identification are the size of a grain of rice and could be put into their hand in a few second.  Once installed the employee could use these chips to scan into the building, their computer, and even buy items in the break room.  I wonder how many of these employees have thought about the long-term effects of being micro-chipped. My first thought was this could be helpful for the individual loses or forgets their identification badge.  However, my mind quickly ran to other negative results.   Here are my 4 reasons I would have against being microchipped by my employer. What are the odds that I am going to be with this company until I retire? In today’s world, the average worker remains at one company less than 5 years. Once you leave that company that […]

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Stress – Everyone has it. However, You Can Conquer It Before It Conquers You!

Stress… The mere thought of the word makes some individuals tense up. Stress is the body’s response to change. Everyone has stress in their lives, some more than others. However, it is how you deal with stress which makes the difference in how your attitude towards life is ultimately affected by the stress. I want to give to you some help deal with the many stressful situations that are in your life. Therefore, here are my 4 suggestions to help you begin to deal with the stress in your life. 1. Admit You Have Stress in Your Life Stress can manifest itself in many different forms depending upon its root cause. Some stressful situations can be very minor, temporary, and relatively harmless such as walking through a haunted house, riding a roller coaster, or zip lining across a valley or down a mountain. There are also life situations which are more moderately serious such as dealing with a severe illness, a new relationship or marriage, a divorce, a financial setback, or an accident. Finally, the extreme stress level is reached when dealing with traumatic incidents such as exposure to violence, traumatic accident or death of a loved one. 2. Assess the stress level in your life  First off, not all […]

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Daily Reading Can Lead You to Riches and Success

Tom Corley, the author of “Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals” finds that “rich people” those with an annual income of $150,000 are more like to read for self-improvement then for entertainment. He gives us the following statistics to prove his point. 11% of rich people read for entertainment, versus 79% of poor individuals. 85% of rich people read 2 or more educational, self-improvement books per month, whereas only 15% of poor read the same amount. 94% of rich people read news publications (newspapers, blog, and magazines) compared to 11% of poor individuals. These statistics show that rich people are dedicated and voracious readers who are focused on success and daily improvement.  They are more likely to be individuals who gained their knowledge and education through the school of hard knocks and by self-education. I can attest that reading either by picking up a physical book, e-book, or listening to an audiobook will help create waves of success in your mind which will transition to your life.   You only get out of your life, what you put into your life and mind.   Therefore, it is critical to fill you mind with positive and nurturing content on a regular basis. I want to share with you 3 books […]

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Social Business Networking: 3 Tips for Building Your Personal Business Tribe

By: Terry Burgess, Owner and Career/Executive Leadership Coach, Upward MC “Today’s most valuable currency is social capital, defined as the information, expertise, trust, and total value that exist in the relationships you have and social networks to which you belong.” – Keith Ferrazzi, Author The above quote is a perfect summary of the reason we all should strive to build quality social networks.  Keith Ferrazzi’s 2005 book Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time is an excellent book to help oneself to begin to understand how to successfully build a network that can propel you to success.  If you have not read it, I highly suggest you get a copy and read it.  This is a book that once I read it had to be on my bookshelf. Today however, I would like to present you three suggestions to help you in the building of your personal social network. Carefully create and select the members of your network You must first understand the members of your network reflect on the values and person that you show to the entire community.   Jim Rohn once said “You are the average of the five persons you spend the most time with”.  The same can be said in […]

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Escaping in Life’s Hamster Wheel: 3 Tips to overcome the negativity of being stuck.

Every person that I know or have talked to has had a period in their life when they feel like their life is at a standstill.  They feel they just go through the same motions and routines day in and day out.  This is normal if its only for a few days or a week or two.  However, if it last longer than that you may need help to change the situation so that you can live a more rewarding life. Being stuck for extended periods of time can have harmful and negative effects on all areas of your life.   The negative effects of being stuck will cause issues in relationships, work, health, financial, and spiritual areas of your life. I want to give to you some help to get out of the hamster wheel or the swamp of life if you are stuck in a monotonous lifestyle in your life. Therefore, here are my 4 suggestions to help you. Quit focusing on your past Often, we get stuck because we focus on the past mistakes or events in our lives.  We want to live in our comfort zone where we feel safe and protected from our past failures and become content with where we are in life. Ask yourself […]

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Do I need a coach or mentor?

There was a time in my younger years where I thought why do I need a coach or mentor.  I was too prideful to realize  I needed a coach to help me move my life forward toward success.  This decision caused me to become stagnant in my personal and professional life.  My decision ultimately cost me the loss of my marriage, family, and my job of 15 years. However, I realized too late to prevent those losses.  I was wise enough to use several mentors and coaches to help me rebuild my life after these earthshaking losses.   Why do you need a coach or mentor? First, we need to address the difference between the two.  They are very similar but there are differences.  A mentor is a person who has more success and experience in an area that you wish to do or accomplish.  He/She is a trusted person who will guide you and knows what you are going through.  A coach on the other hand is someone how helps you determine and reach specific goals with structured educated training with defined timelines.  A coach will discuss your goals, help you develop an action plan, and ultimately hold you accountable for your efforts toward those actions. Coaches help you […]

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Resume Resolutions and Revisions: Start 2017 off to be resume ready for the next job opportunity!

The new year has already started and many of us sat new resolutions or goals.  Some have maintained progress toward achieving those resolutions/goals.  Others, have fallen off and failed at keeping those resolutions/goals. However, I would like to propose that each of you take up a new resolution right now which could lead to a huge difference in your career and paycheck bottom line in the upcoming year.  This simple new resolution is one every person can benefit from in one way or another and involves your resume. Yes, your resume, the one document which you use to sell yourself to future employers for a job.  If you have a resume already, this resume can take less than an hour to accomplish. Here is the resolution each of us should undertake each new year:  I will update, revise, and modify my resume to ensure it highlights all my strengths and skills in a clear and concise manner. You will find that if you update your resume it will build self-confidence as you see what your accomplishments are over the past year while keeping them fresh on your mind.  Updating your resume will also motivate you and help you focus on the big picture of what you want in your life.  […]

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4 Keys to Personal Success

We all want success in all the different areas of our lives.  I want to share with you today a very simple 4 step formula to use for success.  I have used this formula in several different areas of my life to help me ensure success in my efforts. I have found over the past years of using this formula that it helps to put your formula in writing.  You must be ensuring it is detailed and precise with your steps and review it regularly.  I have found it to be useful to review it weekly.  It also helps to keep detailed notes of changes made along to way to help others if you wish to share your journey with others in the future. Here are the four steps of my Personal Success Formula STEP 1 – DECIDE CLEARLY WHAT YOU WANT FOR SUCCESS. You must clearly and precisely decide on what success looks like in this area.  Write down your goal/what your life in this will look like when you achieve this success.  The more detailed you are in this description the more your mind can vision and work toward achieving this success.   Remember Earl Nightingale’s statement in The Strangest Secret “You are now, and you do become, what […]

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A new meaning to “I Pledge Allegiance”

Every American should take a few minutes to listen to this legendary comedian help us to realize the full meaning of our Pledge of Allegiance to the United States Flag and Our Nation. Here is the link to this video by Red Skelton: I just recently found this clip in April of this year. I wish I would have founded it earlier. I shared it with my Boy Scout Troop 2077 on Memorial Day. I told them how it made me really pay attention and fully understand the meaning and symbolism of those words that prior to this I recited as just words. This clip left the same impression on my as a lecture by Coach Harvey Mize in my high school Civics class when I was a sophomore at McEwen High School in McEwen, Tennessee. This was way back in 1984 Coach told us about what the National Anthem means to him as a Vietnam War Veteran and the visions and thoughts that go through his head when it played before a game. He talked about memories of the war and thoughts of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. From that day forward even until today every time I hear the Star Spangled Banner I remember that […]

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Make your life changes NOW to be successful!

We all have said something to this effect at some point of our lives; “I am going to change my diet and physical activity once the new year begins.” Each and every one of us has some goal to change some behavior, habit, or situation in our lives; it could be something like your diet or it could be that you are intending to change jobs, make a commitment to network more, or to be more conscientious about keeping in touch with family.  We have good intentions but we procrastinate in starting to change that behavior because of one reason or another thinking it would be a better time to give us circumstances that will be more favorable for success.  However, all we are doing in not just procrastinating we are setting ourselves up for failure. Why not just take the leap and start?  Make a plan, put it in writing and start NOW!  You deserve success in your life but it only comes if you take ACTION NOW! If you need help in making a plan, feel free to contact Upward MC. I can help you make the plan and action steps to bring success to your life. T Patrick

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