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How They Think Of You

By: Crystal Keet, blogger, designer, consultant and linguist at

There once was a young man. He grew up in a rough neighborhood and got taken over by a life of crime and ended up going to prison.

For about 20 years. In prison, he worked hard to rebuild his life, get an education, and learn some skills so that on his freedom-day he could come out and live. And thrive.

When he came out, he was so excited to return to his community and show them that he’d changed. He had, indeed changed on the inside. His mindset, his skills and his whole outlook were different.

And yet, when he returned to his old neighborhood, they all thought of him as the same. In a bit, his old friends came around and expected him to jon in his old life again.

But he didn’t. He got lonely. And felt rejected.

And then, one day, he realized something.

He needed to retrain how people saw him. Yes, he was different with different skills, a different heart and mindset. But, he needed to ‘prove it’ to the old world so they saw him not as a young troublemaker but as a true business and community leader.

So, he changed by living into the future of what he saw for himself. He made choices based on that, and, over time, people gradually changed what they thought of him. He found acceptance and recognition in his new role as community leader, businessman and family man.

We train others how to treat us. We may change, but we also have to reflect that change to those closest to us.

If you’re looking to step up and change in a big way, I’d love to talk with you about how you can set SMART goals to your future dreams a concrete reality.

About: Crystal Keet

I translate pixels so businesses  grow

Hi! I’m Crystal and it’s great to meet you. I’m a designer, consultant and linguist who is passionate about using digital technology for good. An honors graduate of Trinity Western University (B.A and M.L.E) my translation training empowers me to spot patterns, to organize data and to think systematically. I’m a multilingual global professional with over a decade of experience working in four countries on three continents. My strength is to translate digital design strategy into a human world. I connect people to pixels by collaborating with clients to focus on the right aspects of digital integration to grow a service-based business. When I’m not hiding behind a screen or a phone, you can find me chasing little feet, dancing to violin music or pretending to be a properly English housewife.  If you’re looking to grow or scale your passionate second-act side gig, I’d love to chat with you about developing the right strategy to make it happen faster than you ever thought possible.


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