How To Create Closeness With Your Kids

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How To Create Closeness With Your Kids

By Chris Niemeyer, Entrepreneur & Co-Founder,

It’s January – a full year ahead and a blank slate!  Opportunity for improvement in all areas.  How are you approaching being a father (or grandfather) this year?  What are some ways you want to be uber-intentional to be a present, intentional, close father? 

One-on-one time with each kid can be a game changer. Have you truly thought about “dating your kids?” Don’t go through the motions – be an intentional father who makes the time to really to deeply acquainted with them. You won’t regret it.

Leading a family is a joy – and a huge responsibility!  As a father, how can you create a culture of closeness and oneness as a family – while also celebrating each individual?

No matter the amount of children you have, what would it look like to schedule a weekly, monthly or quarterly big dates with each child?  You determine the frequency and type of date, but stick to it!

I remember last year setting this goal where my wife and I would take each of our 4 kids out on separate dates twice each quarter. (Shout out to Michael Hyatt’s Best Year Ever Course for helping me craft this and be laser-focused to make it happen!)

We literally had to open up our calendar and set aside weeks in advance to ensure we’d stick to this goal. Working around kids sports, church, work and other activities seemed like a chore. But boy did we have some awesome times – and precious conversations – with each child!  From batting cages, ceramic painting, go karts and hikes we let the kids pick some of their favorite activities that made them come alive and open up while together.

Dating each child throughout their life so you foster closeness and celebrate their individuality is no small task. But it’s worth doing intentionally as much as you can.  So open up that calendar, send that text, make the call, invite them and watch the sparks fly between you and your child!

For more on this topic, visit and listen to episode #13 where we dig deeper on this topic.

Chris Niemeyer

Chris is an entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and podcaster. He’s passionate about business, travel, missions, and productivity. This unique blend of God-given talents and interests shapes what he does and how he serves people through his travel companies.

In 2006, Chris and his wife founded His passion for missions and travel formed the idea of serving the travel needs of those serving the world. In 2016, he also launched Like Minded Travels. He helps influencers and leaders create unforgettable travel experiences and live events to deeply connect with their online community so they can travel for free, earn a new revenue stream and create raving fans.

Chris loves to travel and has been to over 30 countries – with another 100+ countries on his bucket list. For some strange reason, Chris’ interests start with the letter “f” – faith, family, friends, food, fitness, finance & far-off places. Outside of work, he’s likely being tackled by and playing with his 4 young kids, coaching their sports activities & enjoying family time with his wife, Alicia.


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