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HOW TO: Creating an Empowering Personal Mission Statement

by tburgess September 4, 2018

By: Terry Burgess, Owner and Career/Executive Leadership Coach, Upward MC

Every successful business has an effective and creative comprehensive mission statement.  If the mission statement is one that each employee, manager, and owner can identify with it can empower them with the ability to make decisions in their role without much thought.

So, at the end of my last blog entry on why you need a personal mission statement I asked this question:

If a company’s overall success can be tied back to a high-quality mission statement so would it not make sense the use a high-quality personal mission statement can help you in your own life?

It is my hope that you agreed and said you need one to help you go through life.  A personal mission statement can be considered a personal code of conduct in how you carry yourself in life and business.

Below is my personal mission statement it has changed over the 48 years I have been on this Earth due to my experiences. I give it to you as an example.

Terry’s Personal Mission Statement

I help empower & support midlife men facing challenges in seeking the success they desire; but are afraid to do it alone or ask for help.

You now have seen an example. Let’s get down to work and give you guidelines and instructions to help you craft your own personal mission statement.


  • You should first find a quiet, comfortable, inspiring place with limited distractions.
  • Disconnect from the World – Turn off all electronics, disable your internet connection if your using your computer to craft your mission statement.
  • Relax and Breathe slowly, take the time necessary to be true to yourself and the process. Let the answers come to you naturally.
  • If necessary, play some soft instrumental music if it helps or just let nature help you if your outside.
  • Answer each question with at least 1 or 2 paragraphs to seek clarity to what your mission in life is.


  • What am I all about?

What do I want to be known for and value above all else?

  • Who inspires me the most and why?

I suggest you look to people you know in everyday life; however, they can be those from history.   Don’t forget those you know in the different social circles (internet) as well.

  • What does success and “the best life” look like to me?

The best life is the one where you are creating value for as many people as possible.  What must happen for that to occur? Be creative!

  • How do I want to act?

How do I want people to describe and feel around me?  How do I want to feel daily?

  • What do I want my legacy to be?

Write out in detail what others would say your legacy was as well as your impact you left 100 years after you leave this Earth.

  • Who is it and How you want to be of service?

Unlike the other questions use as few words as possible and reach in to your soul for its strongest desire.

Now that you have your answers to the clarity questions you are ready to craft your personal mission statement.  However, before I give you template to use, I want to share some requirements every powerful mission statement must have.

  • Keep it short
  • Do not use buzzwords or unnecessary jargon
  • Include the people who matter most
  • Share it and get feedback
  • If necessary, change it as needed.

So, let’s get to the final product template.  Review your answers and use this fill in the blank template to help you create your first draft.  This is your mission statement, so you are not required to use this template. However, I found it helpful in my first attempt when I created mine.


My mission is _______________ in order to serve _________________________

In such a way that ___________________________________________________.

If you are needing help or discernment on where to go next in your midlife journey. Please feel free to contact me for a complimentary 1-hour coaching session.  I can help you develop a simple starting point plan to help you get on the road from your “midlife crisis” to your “midlife rediscovery and redesign” for your life.  You can visit to schedule you complimentary coaching hour!

Terry is a Personal Leadership and Midlife Coach for Men with Upward MC in Benton, Kentucky.  He can be contacted via e-mail at  or by phone at 270-493-0967. His website can be found at


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