HOW TO: Use your Mission Statement Every Day for Success

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HOW TO: Use your Mission Statement Every Day for Success

Every successful business has an effective and creative comprehensive mission statement.  If the mission statement is one that each employee, manager, and owner can identify with it can empower them with the ability to make decisions in their role without much thought.

Two previous blogs (10/26/2017 and 11/1/2017) have discussed the importance of having a personal mission statement and why we need to have one in our lives.  My other blog took you through a simple but thorough process to create your own personal mission statement.   It is my hope you have completed your mission statement and have started to apply it in your everyday life.

Well now that you have your personal mission statement we need to make sure we keep in our mind everyday as we go forward.   You will want to ensure when you are faced with a question or situation you use your mission statement to help guide you to the best response, so you can achieve the success you desire.

The first thing I did with my mission statement is print it out in large print on a sheet of paper and hang it above my computer/desk so that I see it every day.   This ensures I never forget it while I am doing my work as well as it’s the first thing I see daily when I enter my office.

The next thing you need to do is to commit your mission statement to memory.  You need to say it out loud over and over. Smile and say it with confidence. Continue doing this until you can say it by memory and believe it. I also recommend you do this as a part of your morning ritual when you first awake.

I want you to remember your personal mission is designed to help give you inspiration, empowerment, and freedom by setting boundaries to keep you free from guilt, shame, and regret while you focus intently on what is most important in your life.  Therefore, do not let it leave your mind or thought process when you’re going through your daily activities.

I know if you follow this process you will find that success will become like a snowball in your life it will just come to you naturally.  I hope you find the freedom I have in using my personal mission statement in my daily life.

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