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Introduction to Upward MC

by tburgess May 1, 2016

Every one of us regardless of who we are faces challenges in our lives every day.  Some of those challenges are seemingly non-momentous such as does this shirt go with the rest of my outfit or what do I want to eat for lunch. Other challenges are life changers such as job loss, death of a loved one, financial loss, business failure, or the end of a long time relationship.  It is the second set of these challenges that can cause a person to live a defeated life and never reach the full potential that they were placed on this Earth to fulfill.

My name is Terry P. Burgess. I am the founder of Upward Mentoring and Consulting. I have decided to begin my own business to help those individuals who need guidance, support, and empowerment to make the decisions necessary to travel through their transitional periods that life brings them. I began to visualize the Positive Transitional Empowerment System the base model for my life planning and coaching model nearly 8 years ago.  It was this system that helped me through a very difficult and emotionally challenging period of my life over the last seven years.

 A little history here may help you see my inspiration and passion for this business endeavor.   In 2009, I was released from my job in the student affairs division at a midsize university in the central part of the US after nearly 20 years in the profession.  The reason I lost my job was because I going through a very abusive (verbal and physical) marital relationship and because I was a male and my position I did not want to divulge any details of this.  Over the next 5 years, I learned how to stand up for myself and empower my inner-being to overcome the pain and suffering of the abuse, loss of my self-esteem, and loss of a job I loved.  It was also during this time that I also had to deal with a very bitter and contentious divorce as well as the death of my mother (note: I am an only child and my father passed away when I was only 4 years old).

It was while I sat bedside watching my mother die from complications diabetes that I made the decision to start using the gifts and talents God gave me to fulfill His plan for my life.  I saw how all the events God has put in my life had prepared me for that moment but also prepared me for the future years of my life.  It has been nearly four months since Mom passed and I decided on March 1, 2016 to take a leap of Faith and resign from my job and start my own business.

Come join me and follow my blog for insights that I hope will help you become a better person, worker, family member, friend, and mentor to others in your life.  I also hope that I can help you find and develop a plan to fulfill your calling.

T. Patrick


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