Is Happiness a Right or a Privilege?

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Is Happiness a Right or a Privilege?

By: Terry Burgess, Founder and Men’s Mid-life Coach, Upward MC

Many individuals seek and desire happiness in their lives.   Some of the individuals believe it is a right to have happiness in their lives while others think it is a privilege to have happiness in their lives.

Happiness defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is: a state of well-being and contentment or a pleasurable and satisfying experience.  The dictionary also refers to an older definition that was used back in Shakespeare’s time which defines happiness as “good fortune”.

Yes, there may be some luck involved in a person being happy. However, when you consider that happiness is an emotion by the first definition; it shows that happiness is neither a right nor a privilege.

Happiness is a choice that we each make when we look at the circumstances and events in our lives.  Our mindset controls if we are happy or not!  Our minds process the circumstance and events and determines our emotion and level of that emotion dependent upon the mindset of the individual.

Therefore, we can control our minds to reframe and relabel our view of circumstances and events to help us to live happier and satisfied lives.   This does not mean we will always be happy; but it does mean that we don’t have to live every day with negativity in our lives.

My challenge for you today is to carefully look for the good in your lives each day.  Look for your accomplishments, find meaning in your work and actions, while also expressing and recognizing gratitude with others you interact with daily.   This will help you lead a more positive and happier life.   Just always remember YOU HAVE THE CHOICE TO BE HAPPY OR NOT!

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