Is Walking Your Dog Really A Chore? Finding The Joy On Your Walks

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Is Walking Your Dog Really A Chore? Finding The Joy On Your Walks

I’ve heard people say “I’m going to take the dog for a walk and get that over with” like it’s a major chore. We got our dogs for a reason and now have the responsibility of taking care of them, which includes taking them on a walk. Even if you have a fenced yard where you can just let them out, they should still be walked. Can you imagine not ever being able to leave your house? That’s what it’s like for dogs if they don’t get to go on walks.

Is Walking Your Dog Really A Chore?
We can change our mindset by stop looking at walking our dog as a chore. A good way to start changing our mindset is by remembering what a gift our dogs are to us. They bring so much joy and life to our lives that taking care of them, fulfilling their daily needs and nurturing them is truly a gift.
Instead of looking at walking the dog as a chore use this time for several things such as: * a bonding time between you and your dog

  • being alone together with your dog
  • a time to meet new people and dogs if you see any
  • listen to a podcast to learn something new
  • listen to music you enjoy
  • take in the world’s beauty; even if you think you don’t live in a beautiful place just simply looking in the sky to see the moon stars clouds or blue sky serves as a source of beauty

    How Walking Your Dog Can Benefit You
    Yes, we’ve all heard how walking the dog can be good for us because of its a form of exercise. If we have no physical limitations, we walk every day to get around in the world. So setting a distance goal can strengthen our exercise ambitions, clear our minds, and allow for some time of solitude. If you have physical limitations and you are able to start a walking program with your dog, that is excellent! Once you accomplish a certain distance, start creating a new goal to walk even further. It can be saying to yourself, ‘today my dog and I are going to walk down 2 more mailboxes further than yesterday’. Set goals and remember the benefits of getting out. And remember, your dog has to go out to potty multiple times daily so that gives you the opportunity to get moving several times a day.

    How Walking Your Dog Benefits Your Dog
    For our pups, going for a walk is a way they communicate with the world. It is their time to get out and about. When they are peeing on bushes, mailboxes, and fire hydrants, they are actually talking to other dogs. If they are sniffing the breezes or all the bushes let them. It is their way of exploring and is vital to their well being. Not to mention, getting outside is where they have to go potty too. Allow your dog enough time to fully eliminate. Sometimes you just can’t rush nature’s process. And if your dog thinks he has to go back inside immediately after pottying each time, he will learn to delay pottying in order to stay outside longer. Going for a walk is a good way to stimulate their ability to go potty because they are picking up new scents to mark.

    What Do You See?
    Going for a walk with your dog gets you moving, gets your dog moving and lets you both enjoy the world. So go take your dog for a walk then come back and contact me at to let me know what you saw that was beautiful and what joy your dog experienced.

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