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Is your transmission stuck?

By: Theresa Lode,  Life Coach, public speaker and humorist at

A nice van and an inexpensive price. Since I prowl Craigslist frequently, this caught my eye. Then I saw why the nice van was only $750.

“Transmission is stuck in 2nd gear.” Well, that explains that. I know by experience that this van is toast. Unless of course, you’re happy with a rig that can crawl you back and forth to the corner store. (Provided it’s not an uphill drive to said corner store.)

How about you? Are you feeling stuck? If you’ve ever tried to get anywhere in 2nd gear, you know the progress is disheartening. Not to mention, you could burn out your engine.

Some people can’t even get out of “park.” They’ve been burned and disappointed – the risk is too great of that happening again. So, let’s find a new Netflix series to binge watch.

Never in the history of time has distraction been so easy. And never before in the history of time, in my opinion, has it been to more important to do work that matters. To make an impact in this world. To bring your art.

And yes, it’s hard. I’m not going to tell you to repeat a fluffy affirmation every day. I’m a believer in being aware of negative self talk and changing it to life giving encouragement. But it’s no replacement for ACTION. That would be like sitting in that useless van and telling it that it’s valuable just the way it is. That it is destined for great things.

Then – wait for it…wait for it – the ANGER. My life sucks! Nothing ever changes!

Then – this is what I’ve done – I read another empowering self-help book, get fired up – and head back out to that van to coo at it.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is part of why I shy away from self-help books anymore. They are useless without action. You still have to deal with the transmission.

I’m convinced that the number one reason people get stuck in second gear is they lack clarity. What do you really want? (That valuable first question in the coaching process!)

Do you want to fix it? And if you want to fix it, are you willing to pay the cost? Perhaps you just need to haul that idea off to the scrap yard?

This takes great bravery to address these things. And a lot of hard work. There are no short cuts.

But once you get unstuck, your options are endless.

Theresa Lode is “The Zany Sage.”  She’s a Certified Life Coach, public speaker and humorist.  She loves helping people create a new life – without having to go into witness protection.   You may out more about her at:


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