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Leadership and Environment

By: Douglas Hollon, coach, public speaker, and blogger at

A leader’s actions help determine the environment in the workplace or at home. The environment is important. If you get the environment right, then your people’s ingenuity and productivity will flourish. It is the leader’s responsibility to determine the environment.

Simon Sinek tells a story about environment. He tells us about a person named Noah who works as a Barista at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas. Simon purchased a coffee and watched Noah as he served him. Simon’s observation of Noah was that Noah was happy and loved what he was doing. Simon asked Noah if he liked his job. Noah replied “I love my job!”  Simon asked why.  Noah explained that while working during the day, a manager would check on him regularly and make sure he was okay and if he needed anything. Not just his manager, but any manager who works at the Four Seasons.  Noah stated working at the Four Seasons allows him to be himself.

Noah further explained that he also worked at Caesars’s Palace. Noah explained that working there is not as fun. He stated that managers at Caesar’s Palace were always looking to catch the employees doing something wrong. When he worked there, he always tried to stay under the radar so he did not get in trouble.

Simon explained that after talking with the management at Caesar’s Palace that they told him that they always had to monitor the employees and make sure the employees were doing their jobs. If management did not constantly watch the employees, the employees would not do their job, which meant the employees would have to be fired, and new employees would have to brought in to do the work.

What kind of environment are you producing in your workplace?  How can you as a leader or manager produce a positive and productive work environment?

One step is to have Courage. As a leader or manager, we must have courage to do the right thing.

How do we get courage?

We get courage from the people we serve as leaders. Courage comes from the support we receive from others.  Our relationships give a leader courage.

Another step is having vulnerability. Vulnerability is important to a leader. Being vulnerable means you can admit to making a mistake and that you need help. It also means you can ask for help.

Vulnerability is dictated by the environment. A strong environment or culture allows people to be vulnerable, without fear of reprisal.

Trust and love in a culture is difficult to measure in the short term. Trust and love in a work environment is measured in the long term.

People in a positive, trusting, loving work environment will produce and bring measurable productivity and profits over time, and an employer will deal less with high employee turnover and absenteeism.

Leader / Manager – what environment do you have in your work area?

Adapted from a Simon Sinek interview with Tom Bilyeu

About Douglas Hollon:


Doug is a Leadership and Personal Success coach who focuses on helping each person lead his or her employees or family with extraordinary success, and he helps each person to be the best person he or she can be. His emphasis is on team leaders and fathers of blended families. He brings a lot of dedication, loyalty, and compassion and enjoys working with clients in the areas of personal development, building winning relationships, and goal setting.  

Doug has completed 48 Days DISC Certification and is currently working toward being a certified 48 Days Coach through our Coaching Mastery Program. His background includes: Leading Teams (business and military), Personal Development, and Personal Finance/Credit Reporting. You can find out more about him by visiting his website  www.expresswaycoaching.com .  


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