Learning From Billy Graham’s Biggest Regret

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Learning From Billy Graham’s Biggest Regret

By Chris Niemeyer, Entrepreneur & Co-Founder, EFMLife.com

Billy Graham left us a gift when he said he wished he would have spent more time with his family than anything else.  “I regret that I didn’t spend more time with my family,” said Graham in a 2008 interview reflecting on his life, ministry, family and accomplishments.

As an entrepreneurial father, why is investing in your wife and kids the most important thing?  What implications does our time and attention have on their lives and future?  How do you truly delight in your children – and your wife?

Maybe massive changes are needed in our life currently to truly see fruit in our most important relationships in life?

Are you putting in long days in for work only to come home to a house that barely knows you? Aiming to fill a bank account but know you have empty relationships?   Hear how scheduling intentional, devoted time with each child pays dividends.

Work on being present and engaged – fulfilling your family’s needs of your presence and involvement in their lives. Even a very busy person with full schedule, can utilize blocks of time and modern communication to their advantage to be more intentional and present.

There is no substitute for a husband and father and his intentional time – both quality and quantity.  What can you adjust in your schedule to become more engaged with each member of your family? 

 For more on this topic, visit EFMLife.com and listen to episode #8 as we dissect this and give practical tips on how to succeed with your family.

About Our Guest Blogger:

Chris Niemeyer

Chris is an entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and podcaster. He’s passionate about business, travel, missions, and productivity. This unique blend of God-given talents and interests shapes what he does and how he serves people through his travel companies.

In 2006, Chris and his wife founded MissionTravel.org. His passion for missions and travel formed the idea of serving the travel needs of those serving the world. In 2016, he also launched Like Minded Travels. He helps influencers and leaders create unforgettable travel experiences and live events to deeply connect with their online community so they can travel for free, earn a new revenue stream and create raving fans.

Chris loves to travel and has been to over 30 countries – with another 100+ countries on his bucket list. For some strange reason, Chris’ interests start with the letter “f” – faith, family, friends, food, fitness, finance & far-off places. Outside of work, he’s likely being tackled by and playing with his 4 young kids, coaching their sports activities & enjoying family time with his wife, Alicia.


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