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Leaving A Legacy

By: Crystal Keet, blogger, designer, consultant and linguist at CrystalKeet.com

My life changed one day two years ago in June. Forever. My labor was four days, and I lingered in the English hospital to the threats of a c-section and being relegated to the London hospital for my high-risk pregnancy.

But, my daughter is as determined as I am. And, at 4:30am one morning early in June (literally when a c-section had been decided upon) I became a mom.

Or mum as they say over here.

It changed my life forever. Sudendly, I became a real grown up. My life matters; what I do, how I live and how I use my gifts matter so much more.

Not just to me, but to the next generation.

I’m in my 30s, and  I’ve seen my share of funerals, and a friend my age die of brain cancer and had two scares myself to know that life is short and we’re not promised tomorrow. Recently,  I’ve become obsessed with the idea of legacy.

The idea that how we live today impacts the future. The idea that the life I lead today impacts the life of future generations. And, the idea that time is short.

And so, what I would easily have put off in my 20s gets done now. Gets started. Gets planned out. Because life is too short, too precious to waste living aimlessly, taking each day as it comes, without using the gifts that God’s given me to leave a legacy of faith for my family.

How are you building a legacy for those you love? How will you be remembered after you die?

If you’re interested in exploring that question, I’d love to chat with you about a new community launching for people building passionate and profitable second act side gigs to leave a legacy for the next generation. crystal@Crystalkeet.com

About: Crystal Keet

I translate pixels so businesses  grow

Hi! I’m Crystal and it’s great to meet you. I’m a designer, consultant and linguist who is passionate about using digital technology for good. An honors graduate of Trinity Western University (B.A and M.L.E) my translation training empowers me to spot patterns, to organize data and to think systematically. I’m a multilingual global professional with over a decade of experience working in four countries on three continents. My strength is to translate digital design strategy into a human world. I connect people to pixels by collaborating with clients to focus on the right aspects of digital integration to grow a service-based business. When I’m not hiding behind a screen or a phone, you can find me chasing little feet, dancing to violin music or pretending to be a properly English housewife.  If you’re looking to grow or scale your passionate second-act side gig, I’d love to chat with you about developing the right strategy to make it happen faster than you ever thought possible.


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