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Make your life changes NOW to be successful!

by tburgess May 5, 2016

We all have said something to this effect at some point of our lives; “I am going to change my diet and physical activity once the new year begins.”

Each and every one of us has some goal to change some behavior, habit, or situation in our lives; it could be something like your diet or it could be that you are intending to change jobs, make a commitment to network more, or to be more conscientious about keeping in touch with family.  We have good intentions but we procrastinate in starting to change that behavior because of one reason or another thinking it would be a better time to give us circumstances that will be more favorable for success.  However, all we are doing in not just procrastinating we are setting ourselves up for failure.

Why not just take the leap and start?  Make a plan, put it in writing and start NOW!  You deserve success in your life but it only comes if you take ACTION NOW!

If you need help in making a plan, feel free to contact Upward MC. I can help you make the plan and action steps to bring success to your life.

T Patrick


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