Four Natural Ways to Help Combat Andropause

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Four Natural Ways to Help Combat Andropause

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By: Terry Burgess, Owner and Men’s Mid-life Coach, Upward MC


Male menopause or Andropause is defined as a multi-dimensional change in our lives which involves changes in seven (7) aspects or areas of life.  These seven areas include hormonal, psychological, physical, interpersonal, social, spiritual, and sexual.   These changes in each of these aspects vary in the duration as far as time and intensity from man to man.  If you would like to know more about andropause visit my last blog at

Since we discussed what male menopause was in the previous blog entry today I want to share with you some natural ways to help combat the loss of testosterone.

If you have been diagnosed or feel you are suffering from andropause here are 4 natural activities, you can do to help combat the loss of testosterone.

  • Increase Your Physical Exercise – Studies show that regular periods of high intense exercise will keep testosterone at optimal levels.
  • Intake More Protein in Your Diet – Protein plays an important role in maintain muscle mass. However, it is also critical to maintain high levels of testosterone.
  • Consider Increasing Zinc in Your Diet or Vitamin Supplements – Several studies have found that zinc will optimize all areas of male reproduction as well as testosterone production.
  • Eat More Vegetables Containing Indole-3-Carbinol – Studies show that foods such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, and cabbage not only keep your estrogen levels in check but also decreases risk of prostate cancer.

I hope you find these four suggestions helpful in your efforts to maintain a healthy and well-maintained lifestyle.

If you believe you are going through andropause talk with your primary care physician.  They can diagnose andropause a blood sample test to determine your testosterone.   If you are diagnosed with andropause your primary care physician can give you helpful advice to deal with andropause.


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 Terry is a Personal Leadership and Mid-life Coach for Men with Upward MC in Benton, Kentucky.  He can be contacted via e-mail at  or by phone at 270-493-0967. His website can be found at


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