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By: Teresa McCloy,  CEO and Creator of the REALIFE Process™

Living on a grain farm in southern Illinois, we grow cucumbers in our garden and make delicious sweet pickles every summer. These pickles take 14 days to prepare.  For the first several days the sliced cucumbers sit in a brine of salt water so they become soft and clear and then are mixed together with so many cups of sugar that it seems a recipe for making candy.  Lots of vinegar and spices are heated together and poured over the cucumbers. Each day the juice is drained, heated and poured over the pickles, and each day the smell of the delicious pickles begins to come to life much like pickled candy.

Now it’s time to get them in the jar.  What looks like the easiest thing to do is pour the juice in the jar and then put the pickles in, but that doesn’t always work.  The mixture of pickles and juice just doesn’t fit in the jar. It becomes necessary to take the time to put each pickle slice in by hand, the big ones first and then the smaller ones to get the most slices in the wide mouth jar. Then pour the juice in and around the pickle slices.

Getting pickles in the jar is like the time in our calendar.  The juice is comparable to all those daily to-do tasks like phone calls and emails and social media and the “stuff” that gets us in sticky must clean-up now situation. Just like the juice on the counter the clean-up could have been avoided. Filling up our calendar just like filling the jar of pickles works best if it is done in the right order. Putting the “big pickles” of the week in first and then pouring the juice over them creates a full week without the mess.  What big pickles are you putting in your calendar jar this week? Put them in first!

This month my Guest Blogger for Aoril 2018  is Teresa McCloy.  Teresa is an Organization Coach and Public Speaker. She is a certified 12 Week Year Coach, a certified Enneagram Personality Test Practitioner and 48 Days Eagle.  She is also the CEO and Creator of the REALIFE Process™. You can visit her website at http://www.teresamccloy.com.



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