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Potatoes in the Washing Machine

By: Crystal Keet, blogger, designer, consultant and linguist at CrystalKeet.com

I really hate meetings. So much so that I’ll do anything to get out of them. One day, I had yet another middle management meeting for an upcoming school trip. I’d figured in all the details and just completed my presentation.

And then, I glanced down at my phone.

“The monkeys have returned with a vengence.” My housemate’s panicked text made my heart melt. As a kid in the states, I used to believe that monkeys were cute, harmless creatures.

“Come  home now- the house is trashed!!”

Living in East Africa, I quickly learned differently. I shared a house with another teacher just on the edge of a national forest. Each morning, a group of monkeys loved to swing through the trees and try to break into our house to steal our fruit. Most days, we remembered to close our windows.

That is, until this fateful afternoon. Expect for a few, like the fateful afternoon the primates ransacked my house. Eating the fruit, making a mess on the floor, and even stealing my chocolate, the monkeys had a grand time.

We remembered to close the windows after that. We cleaned and complained, quickly laughed and bought new chocolate bars.

About a week later, I couldn’t figure out why my clothes were really starchy in the washing machine. It seemed as if they just weren’t coming out clean.

Until, I looked into the machine.

The monkeys had left potatoes in the machine.

Sometimes our lives have unwelcomed interruptions that come in and change the course of an afternoon, a day or even our destiny. We don’t always know those moments, until we’re gifted with the gift of hindsight.

But, it’s what we do with thoss unexpected visitors that matters most. How do we handle the potatoes in the washing machine moments?

That, is what determines our destiny. Wondering how to handle a potatoes-in-the-washing-machine moment? Would love to chat with you about how you can uncover your passion and develop it into a profitable side gig. Crystal@Crystalkeet.com

About: Crystal Keet

I translate pixels so businesses  grow

Hi! I’m Crystal and it’s great to meet you. I’m a designer, consultant and linguist who is passionate about using digital technology for good. An honors graduate of Trinity Western University (B.A and M.L.E) my translation training empowers me to spot patterns, to organize data and to think systematically. I’m a multilingual global professional with over a decade of experience working in four countries on three continents. My strength is to translate digital design strategy into a human world. I connect people to pixels by collaborating with clients to focus on the right aspects of digital integration to grow a service-based business. When I’m not hiding behind a screen or a phone, you can find me chasing little feet, dancing to violin music or pretending to be a properly English housewife.  If you’re looking to grow or scale your passionate second-act side gig, I’d love to chat with you about developing the right strategy to make it happen faster than you ever thought possible.


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