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Simple Gifts for Moms

By: Terry Burgess, America’s Mid-life Coach for Men with Upward MC

This coming Sunday, May 13, 2018, is Mothers Day.  It is a day designated so we can celebrate and recognize all mothers for their endless love, nurturing, childbearing, parenting and contributions to our families.

As a man especially one who has lost his mother as well as both my grandmothers this day still holds a very important meaning to me.   This is because I now see how important it is to let each mother know the very important and often not recognized role they play in the family.

It is now for this one reason I make sure that my step-children don’t forget about their mother and grandmothers on this special day.   However, each year when I ask them what they want to do for their mother and grandmother they respond with “IDK” when I text.

This year I suggested to them what I learned later in my life when I my mother and grandparents were living.  I used to buy presents for my mom prior to my father’s death in 1974.   However, after that I only got a card for mom which was usually bought by my grandmother.  We also had a special meal.   However, as I grew older I asked my mother this question.  “What did she want for Mothers Day?”  Her answered shocked me.

This was her answer.  “Son, I don’t want any physical gifts or things. What I want is time with you be it on the phone or in person.”   Yes, the simplest and greatest gift we as older (25 years old and older) children can give our Mother on Mothers Day is time for acknowledgement of their raising us and sharing time with them.   Yes, I still got her the card each year.  However, I ensured that every Mother’s Day, I called or even better visited her if it were possible that weekend.

So, this is my call to action for each of you this week. Take TIME out of your schedule and make sure that the mothers in your life are celebrated and appreciated for their contributions to your family. If you want to take her out for a meal or cook a meal for her.  If you are married to a mother, make sure your children acknowledge their mother for the love she has brought to their lives.  Just remember the gifts that mean the most to moms are not tangible gifts; they are those that you cannot touch such as acts of kindness, spending time with them, and/or giving her your attention and help each day.


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