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Stop Being Productive and Do What Matters

By: Teresa McCloy,  CEO and Creator of the REALIFE Process™

Society talks a lot these days about being productive.  It’s one of the great buzz words.  We are good at it, or so we think. Making our lists of things to do and checking them off is the mark of a truly productive person. What if that list of things to do really isn’t a list of things that matter to you?  What if that list looks like someone else’s life and not yours?  Or at least not the list of things you are passionate about.  To change the list, we should stop, press pause and take a deeper look at what we are doing and why? We must allow time to step off the crazy cycle and reconnect to our deeper dreams and desires.

Make a new list of what matters such as faith, family, friendships and generosity. All that sounds great! We know it in our minds, but when we look at our calendars and to do lists, are those the things that are showing up? Our calendars and our checkbook tell the true story of our lives. Being intentional with these deeper things that matter is living the life we desire, not the life that puts out fires.  Press pause once a day for 30 minutes, once each week for an hour and once every 90 days for a day to reconnect what matters and give productivity new meaning to your life.


This month my Guest Blogger for Aoril 2018  is Teresa McCloy.  Teresa is an Organization Coach and Public Speaker. She is a certified 12 Week Year Coach, a certified Enneagram Personality Test Practitioner and 48 Days Eagle.  She is also the CEO and Creator of the REALIFE Process™. You can visit her website at



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