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Take the SPACE to Reset your Goals

By: Teresa McCloy,  CEO and Creator of the REALIFE Process™

Knowing what to do when a goal doesn’t develop as you had planned is important so as not to get stuck in a cycle of incomplete goals. Here are 4 steps using the acronym SPACE to reset your goals. Step one is to step away and recognize that not achieving your goal does not mean that you have failed. It just means that something needs adjusted in the strategies. Step Away from the project for a few days and give space to clear your head. Step 2 is pray to seek clarity. Faith will bring connection to deeper dreams and desires so you can begin to evaluate what isn’t working. Time in solitude and listening helps to see both the things that didn’t work, but also the things that did.  Step 3 is to ask questions. The best way to handle a setback is to ask honest questions that will help identify the problems. Meeting with a coach or accountability partner to discuss the project is also a great place to process questions and see where you might be stuck. With better clarity, and connection to deeper desire and processing through what wasn’t successful, you can move to step 4 which is create new goal with a new time frame and a new set of action steps.  Finally engage action steps and scheduling time in your calendar to execute your new plan. Let the new SPACE give energy and clarity to carry you forward towards success and to reset your goal.


This month my Guest Blogger for Aoril 2018  is Teresa McCloy.  Teresa is an Organization Coach and Public Speaker. She is a certified 12 Week Year Coach, a certified Enneagram Personality Test Practitioner and 48 Days Eagle.  She is also the CEO and Creator of the REALIFE Process™. You can visit her website at http://www.teresamccloy.com.


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