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The Choice is Yours!

By: Matt Woodrum – Founder of Wrestling with Fatherhood

88% of men and women who are currently serving time in prison, grow up without a dad and yet each and everyday men everywhere walk by their children without thinking they hold value within their children’s lives.  This usually happens for a couple of reasons.

  • We do not believe that we are good enough to speak into our children’s lives because of how the media (TV, movies, music, and other entertainment) has painted us.
  • We also have the false belief that our wives are better fitted to take care of the family.
  • We grow up without dads ourselves and do not know how to be a good dad to our own children

When we look at the above reasons for under valuing ourselves in the family, we can see that men have started to believe that lie that men are not needed within the family.  This could not be further from the truth.  When we (men) stop believing the lie that we hold no value within the family, we can do some amazing things.  When fathers are in the home, some amazing things happen.


When boys/men understand that they are strong, valuable, have goals & dreams that they can accomplish, we see that boys grow up with respect for each other and understand that each person they meet is valuable.  When boys understand and respect themselves, the world will be changed.


At the same time, when girls have a father figure in the home, girls grow up to be strong, confident, respectful women.  When this happens, girls will understand that their value comes from within themselves instead of showing their bodies.  Girls will also grow up to be strong women that understand they are special and valuable.

You can change your family’s history

No matter what your personal past looked like, you have the power change your personal family’s history.  You have the power to change.  Even if you grew up in a house without a dad, in a house full of drugs, and full of addiction, you do not have to repeat the mistakes of the past.  Starting today, you can make the choice to change your family’s history.  You are strong enough, you are valued in your family, and your family needs you!!

In what ways do instill value into your children?

How do you want your family history to change?


This month my Guest Blogger for May 2018  is Matt Woodrum.  Matt is the founder of Wrestling with Fatherhood, a husband, and the proud father of two girls (Ages 5 and 3).  After an injury (broken tailbone) playing dodgeball, Matt gained a lot weight, from eating too much ice cream.  Matt noticed that his weight was getting out of control when he maxed out at 275 lbs.!  Eager to give his girls the father he never had, Matt decided it was time to take action.  Matt has lost 20 lbs. in the last two months and looks forward to continuing his weight loss journey while helping others to accomplish their own health/weight loss goals. You can visit his website at


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