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Upper Limit Dads

By: Matt Woodrum – Founder of Wrestling with Fatherhood

The upper limit challenge is one of the biggest problems that faces men today. The upper limit challenge places a glass ceiling above you so that you cannot accomplish your dreams with your personal life, your wife, and your children. The upper limit challenge is important to understand because it can help you to push past that glass ceiling that is holding you down. The upper limit ceiling comes from a number of different factors including:

1.         Growing up with absent parents physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

2.         Going through physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual abuse by a loved one.

3.         Being neglected by people who are supposed to care about you.

4.         People who have told you your entire life that you are not good enough.

All of these things place a glass ceiling above you in between you and your potential. One of the biggest struggles with fatherhood is that if you grew up without a great dad or role model, it is difficult to find a great example of what a dad or a role model should be. Whenever someone turns on the TV, they are flooded with horrible examples of how to treat your wife and/or your children. we typically receive one of two different viewpoints on how to be a father. The first example that we see a lot of is the overbearing, aggressive, I’m the boss, it’s my way or the highway type of Dad. This type of dad is almost always angry and attempts to demand respect from his household. the other example that we receive when we turn on the TV is a passive aggressive type of Dad. This is a dad who is a pushover, allows his family to walk all over him, and does not know the word discipline when it comes to his children.  With over 50% of marriages ending in divorce, we need a Few Good Men to stand up and show other man how to be a loving husband, father, and great role model to those watching him.

One of the main questions that someone might have, is how do I break through the glass ceiling that holds me down for my potential. there are three main ways that people can break through that glass ceiling.  these include:

1.         Understanding that you were created for a purpose. There will never be someone else on this planet that is exactly like you.

2.         Understanding that you have special talents and strengths that can help other people and your family. These special talents and gifts can help your children and your wife to accomplish their goals and become a productive member of society.

3.         Understanding that you have value within your family, friends, and other people watching you. This value is not something that can never be taken away from somebody else. No matter what your past is, no matter where you are in the present, or any of your failures, you are more valuable than you could ever imagine.

By understanding these three truths, men can understand that they have all the potential in the world to break through the glass ceiling and to accomplish their goals and their dreams.  well a lot of people may have a past, may not have a great family history, may have been in prison, or made horrible mistakes in the past, you get to decide today what type of life you have moving forward from today.  Take this moment today and commit to yourself that you were going to find some Daily Affirmations that you can read that can help you understand the type of value that you hold in this world. understand what your value is, you can instill that value into your sons and your daughters.

One of the biggest struggles that I have always had in my life is understanding that I am good enough to accomplish any of my goals. As someone who grew up without a dad, I struggle to understand what value I could bring to my children. As someone who struggled in school, I struggle to understand that I was smart enough to give my children everything they needed to succeed in life.  one of then changed my life. This event was the first day that I had met my wife. she helped me to understand that no matter what my past was, my future was still to be decided. No matter what my failures were, I could still succeed if I committed to looking ahead instead of focusing so much on the past.

These are brilliant words that men, dad’s, Sons, husband’s, and the rest of the world need to hear. No matter what your past held, your future has yet to be written.

Challenge question, how do you plan on writing out your own future? What goals and dreams do you want to accomplish?

This month my Guest Blogger for May 2018  is Matt Woodrum.  Matt is the founder of Wrestling with Fatherhood, a husband, and the proud father of two girls (Ages 5 and 3).  After an injury (broken tailbone) playing dodgeball, Matt gained a lot weight, from eating too much ice cream.  Matt noticed that his weight was getting out of control when he maxed out at 275 lbs.!  Eager to give his girls the father he never had, Matt decided it was time to take action.  Matt has lost 20 lbs. in the last two months and looks forward to continuing his weight loss journey while helping others to accomplish their own health/weight loss goals. You can visit his website at http://www.wrestlingwithfatherhood.com


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