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The Power of Walking the Talk!

By: Terry Burgess, America’s Mid-life Coach for Men with Upward MC

First off, please let me apologize for the virtually dropping off the face of the internet for the past 3 weeks.   I did not do it with the intention of forgetting you my friends, followers, and supporters.

However, I did step back because I was walking and acting out my mantra that I discussed in a previous blog.   This mantra God First! Family Second, and Everything Else Third! – Take care of the first two and the third will take care of itself!”

The past three weeks have been very challenging for my immediate family.  Serious health issues with my in-laws which has required the attention of my wife, myself and my two stepchildren, academic challenges my two stepchildren have had in their schooling, as well as health issues with my wife and now me.  Honestly, there have been times we have been seeing each other passing and going because of trying to take care of each other and our responsibilities to others.

I had to do some serious juggling to help make everything work.  I am not perfect at doing things on the fly and as I say, “by the seat of my pants”.  However, the past three weeks have giving me a good assessment the practicality of my mantra.  I can tell you that mantra has been a stabling force in my life over the past three weeks of a highly stressful and challenging period.

It also reminded me that if we lean on God and our family members everything else in life will work out.   We know there will be difficult periods ahead for our family but if we can live that manta then “everything else will be all right”.

I look forward to sharing and creating content to help inspire you in your everyday life.   I am also thankful for the opportunity God has used these challenges to reassure me I am doing more than talking the talk but also walking the talk!


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Terry is a Personal Leadership and Mid-life Coach for Men with Upward MC in Benton, Kentucky.  He can be contacted via e-mail at or by phone at 270-493-0967. His website can be found at


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