What to do when your current work doesn’t feel meaningful?

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What to do when your current work doesn’t feel meaningful?

Written By: Kyle Crooke – personal development consultant & motivation coach at https://kylecrooke.com

Recently I was asked, “What do you recommend for somebody who doesn’t feel any meaning/purpose in their current work, though?”

This question is tough.  And relevant.  And significant.

Unfortunately, most people don’t feel fully engaged in their work, which indicates that their work lacks the meaning or purpose they seek. If work were holistically meaningful or purposeful to this majority of people,they would better engage their work because they would better identify withtheir work.  When work becomes a meaningful part of one’s identity, one’s approachto work transforms from minimal acceptance to overwhelming ownership.  This ownership allows anyone to activelyelevate their work and transform it into their calling.

So, for those of you who may not find meaning or purpose in your current work …

I’ve got a great answer for you.  And, more importantly, it’s true.  And, most importantly, the advice is entirely actionable and controllable.  You can implement this advice IMMEDIATELY to approach your work differently.  And to view your life’s journey differently.

Here it is:

To those of you who don’t find meaning in your work –

I’d recommend reframing your current work as a stepping stone toward claiming your desired, more meaningful work.

We can learn a lot about ourselves, and our pain points, by transforming “meaningless” work into a “meaningful” component of our journey in discovering ourselves and transitioning to future work that will be more meaningful and aligned with our purpose.

I once had a job that I absolutely disliked.  However, that experience has provided me with gratitude and humility for my current work, which helps give my current work more meaning!

We can utilize all things to help define, refine, and reclaim our meaning!  Just like life is what you make it, your meaning is what you make it.

If your current work isn’t meaningful, determine why it isn’t meaningful.  Identify the components of your work that are unaligned with your purpose and preferences.

Then, once you address these considerations, you have two options:

  1. Maintain the same work, but approach it as a small step along your longer journey toward discovering your true calling
  2. Stop your current work and transition to something else that’s more aligned with your purpose.

I won’t give you the options of accepting work that isn’t meaningful or refusing to change your approach to your current work.  You shouldn’t give yourself those options either.

With Option 1, you harness delayed gratification, persistence, and discipline.  With Option 2, you harness initiative, decisiveness, and action.

Ultimately, Option 1 will have to transition into Option2.  If you experience the full transition, from Option 1 through Option 2, you’ll be a versatile, fine-tuned machine in developing yourself, your career, and your social life.

Don’t let current circumstance shadow your perspective.  Keep your perspective on what’s truly important – the development that’s continually growing inside of you,regardless of circumstance.  Your purposewill grow alongside your personal development – as will the alignment betweenyour internal and external realities.

One more point – notice how Option 1 identifies your “true calling.”  Your work is what you do to pay the bills – your calling is what you pursue to fulfill your life’s meaning. Align the meaning of your work with the overarching meaning of your life, and you will transform your work into your calling. 

You can fulfill your calling when you align your vocation (work), avocation (outside interests), and relationships.  When you align your work with your calling, you can focus more efforts on the other two pieces.  But don’t forget to keep engaging your work, even when you’ve already aligned it with your calling!  Just like it’s easier to retain a customer than it is to acquire a new one … it’seasier to maintain engagement than it is to create it all over again. 

To help identify the WHY behind your work, make sure you know the WHY behind your calling.

Now I have to ask you – how are you going to approach your current work differently, if you’re not finding it particularly meaningful or purposeful?

With your WHY figured out, you must now determine HOW you are going to approach your work.  Remember – thoughts without actions are meaningless.  Actions bring meaning.  Take action now to ensure that your work brings meaning.

About Kyle Crooke:

As a content creator, personal development consultant, and motivation coach, I want to help you lead a more purposeful, passionate, and persistent life. 

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